Thursday, February 26, 2015

Latest oncology visit

Hello friends
Jesse had an oncology appointment yesterday, so blood for lab work was drawn the previous day. The clinic called Wednesday morning to let us know Jesse's red blood cell count had dipped below the minimum acceptable, and he should schedule a transfusion.
I asked what symptoms he should be experiencing and thought it odd he seems to exhibit fatigue only, from the list. The ND agreed it would be a benefit, and started the process of getting him scheduled.  But then I realized that hey, this is not my body and Jesse should decide.
We talked with the oncologist about it, who really was surprised that Jesse wasn't experiencing more symptoms. He told Jesse what he should be on the alert for, explained the blood transfusion process, and I believe put Jesse at ease.
Tonight a friend offered to give blood for Jesse if receiving blood from a stranger is a we believe them to be a match.
Two good bits of news is that a marker that indicates cellular growth is down, meaning, as we understand, possible less cancer or tumor growth activity.
Also a marker that indicates a chemical the bones are releasing has changed...a chance some bone healing may have taken place. Let's hope so!

Thank you all for your prayers.
In GOd's peace

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ozone Therapy for Bulged Discs

Hello freinds
Tonight Jesse and I had another opportunity to be on a call with an integrative oncologist, Dr. Tony Jimenez, from Hope4Cancer clinic in Baja, CA.  This is actually one of the clinics I had selected after hearing Dr. Tony speak earlier this past summer in the "Quest for the Cure" cancer summit series.  Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive as insurance of course, only covers conventional treatment. 

Previously Jesse was in a lot of pain and flying him out of state, to anywhere, seemed out of the question, but he is very optimistic - several days of being pretty much pain free - just wanting strength back in the legs more than anything.

I have about 6 pages of typed notes to compile, but  I see Dr. Tony covers the 7 principles in the free e-book Integrative Health Mastery was kind enough to provide. If you would like a copy please provide your email and I can forward to you.

Feel free to share the book with your loved ones in need.  For all of you fighting the good fight...a website Dr. Tony recommended to help deal with the emotional cause of cancer is

My biggest take away for Jesse in particular tonight, was Dr. Tony's response to my quest for the best anti inflammatory protocol or supplement for metastacized cancer with presence of three bulged discs. 

What we are already using are all great choices, however,  Dr. Tony said OZONE therapy - hands down the best treatment he has found for spinal issues resulting from bulged discs.  His 80+ year old mother had major back issues, bulged discs, and after one treatment she was 75% better. Injections are made into either side of the spine and lower lumbar.  One more treatment, this was several years ago, and now his mom lives a relatively pain free life with an occassional aspirin. What I would love to find out is who is doing ozone therapy injections in Madison - the Spinie Clinic perhaps....

Thanks to Google....Just found somone possibliy in Oak Park, IL that may have a similar technique, but combined..
The site found two D.O. doctors in Wisconsin - UW Helath Eau Claire (really? why not here in Madison), and another in Milwaukee.  Being so close - this is definitely something to dig deeper into.

To your health,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day - Pain Free Blessings

Hello friends,
We are having a good stretch. Jesse said he feels pain free...and has been for several days now. What he really desires is to have STRENGTH back in his legs. Do you know anyone who has had atrophy in both legs from sciatica/bulged discs? And if so, did they recover? I continue to find a greater difficulty dealing with Jesse's skelatol issues than the cancer.

I came across a powerful story today of a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. Shannon Knight is inspiring and for those of you visiting this page who is already on the cancer journey, I hope this video will inspire you as well.
<iframe width="470" height="264" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Shannon has started a non profit called Angels for Shannon - to help people who need funds for their alternative cancer treatment. I do hope my three late stage breast cancer friends do check it out. I am going to ask, but it may not be for breast cancer only.

We continue to review the new outline from our's a lot of work in the kitchen...and it is overwhelming. I hope to find time tomorrow to send an email to our church care ministry with the special soup recipe and see if members of our church family could provide jars that we can freeze. The diet outline consists primarily of juicing (again), the special soup, and a huge salad recipe, of which we really cannot fathom having room in our frig for all the ingredients.  Because the doctor feels Jesse's body is not able to metabolize and break down animal proteins and complex fats with his overworked pancreas, it is back to vegan world.

Jesse is grateful for the reprieve in pain...and it is difficult to determine credit going to a new supplement, Reiki energy work, chiropractic...or all three.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.