Thursday, February 26, 2015

Latest oncology visit

Hello friends
Jesse had an oncology appointment yesterday, so blood for lab work was drawn the previous day. The clinic called Wednesday morning to let us know Jesse's red blood cell count had dipped below the minimum acceptable, and he should schedule a transfusion.
I asked what symptoms he should be experiencing and thought it odd he seems to exhibit fatigue only, from the list. The ND agreed it would be a benefit, and started the process of getting him scheduled.  But then I realized that hey, this is not my body and Jesse should decide.
We talked with the oncologist about it, who really was surprised that Jesse wasn't experiencing more symptoms. He told Jesse what he should be on the alert for, explained the blood transfusion process, and I believe put Jesse at ease.
Tonight a friend offered to give blood for Jesse if receiving blood from a stranger is a we believe them to be a match.
Two good bits of news is that a marker that indicates cellular growth is down, meaning, as we understand, possible less cancer or tumor growth activity.
Also a marker that indicates a chemical the bones are releasing has changed...a chance some bone healing may have taken place. Let's hope so!

Thank you all for your prayers.
In GOd's peace


  1. Sending loving thoughts and wishes your way, for Jesse and all of you!

  2. Will certainly lift Jesse up to the Lord and sending you a big hug for added strength.

  3. It sounds like you're in good hands with that oncologist. That really is something that can be incredible with helping to ensure that the situation can be taken care of. I personally have never been to the oncologist, but knowing the situation with Jesse, they are doing great things. Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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