Monday, August 11, 2014

Finding The Cause of a Cancer

How many people, who have cancer, actually know the cause? For some types of cancer it may seem obvious...we have been brought up to learn that smoking can cause lung cancer, for instance. However, for most...the cause remains a mystery...and we just go forth, diagnose and treat.

One thing is for certain, cancer doesn't happen overnight. Many tumors are 10 years in the making. Thermography is a great, non-toxic, diagnostic tool. For example, this method can  detect areas of concern in breast tissue ten years before a mammogram will. Unfortunately, insurance will rarely cover this diagnostic marvel. I do have a friend, who is a breast cancer survivor, who refuses radiation mammograms, and has her doctor refer her for thermography. I believe her insurance then covers it, because of her history of cancer.

In Jesse's case, once we (not they, but we) looked at the body as a whole...a pretty clear picture has been painted as to the cause. Here is how this came about...and the BIG lesson in this is that a shrinking prostrate should be JUST AS concerning as an enlarged prostrate. it's rare, but it can happen and below is one reason why...

A friend of ours felt led to arrange a consult with a retired chiropractor  that has helped her family for over 30 years. Jesse's back pain issues were improving after he recently switched to my chiropractor, so I wasn't sure there was a need. But our friend was insistent, and so we did..
Long story short (Jesse is fine with this info being shared because we feel God is using our story to help others) - the chiropractor discovered that Jesse's tailbone was not just curved under, but "way" under and affecting the prostrate. This provides an explanation for "shrinking prostrate" - a condition that his MD and endocrinologist had not ever seen in their practice. Nor actually, had the hormone expert and author, I have consulted with in California.

The chiropractor actually went "in" and manipulated the tailbone and straightened it. Instantly, all the tension in Jesse's neck, shoulders, lower limbs released. The doctor figured this to be a very old injury - likely from Jesse's youth of riding 10 speed bikes - (you may recall...those skinny saddles that always hurt your tailbone).

My hormone specialist/doctor friend in California said that the tailbone injury was likely pinching off the blood supply to prostrate, causing shrinkage. I have read enough books to know that oxygen is carried to the cells by blood, actually, my kids already know this from biology class. A lack of blood supply means oxygen is not being carried to cells. When a cell becomes oxygen depleted (60/40)  it becomes diseased and/or cancerous.

Check out the chart....the tailbone is directly related to the health of the prostrate gland!
Our hope has been renewed and strengthened with this amazing spinal adjustment. I picture the retired DC with angel was the wildest thing in chiropractic care we have ever heard of! I have since learned there are a very few in practice who do manual tailbone manipulation.
We are realistic...we don't expect that the adjustment is going to make the diseased cells go away, or drop the high PSA ...but we feel it is a first step in allowing the healing process to begin. God gave me a vision of blood flowing through veins and back into the prostrate.  The body works as a WHOLE. Prostrate cancer, or any type of cancer, does not mean that the problem began with just one part of the body.
As well, previously our regular chiropractor, upon doing a muscle test, had noted that Jesse's immune system had a neurological blockage. We revisited the "tailbone adjuster" this past Friday to ensure that the straightened tailbone had remained, and it has to our relief.  Even better, the muscle testing from three weeks ago and this past Friday were a night and day difference.

Three weeks ago the doctor tested Jesse and said he had never met anyone as weak as he, both upper and lower limbs.  On Friday the same doctor retested, and declared Jesse a walking miracle!  Rock solid strong, he declared. This is a clear indicator that the immune system is at work and the nutrients and supplements are doing as they are supposed to do.

Also this chiropractor believes Jesse's lumbar is in perfect working order...which it would not be if there were a bulged disc, or as the MD suggested - a lumbar tumor present.  That is not to say he did not have something -as in June he was in a lot of pain in the lower back. I have read that an anti inflammatory diet can heal a bulged disc.  Jesse has been on a high dose of Curcumin supplement (3000 mg) a day - which has been known to shrink tumors, so I figured it could do the same for bulged discs. Perhaps it has worked., along with the strict anti-inflammatory and alkaline food choices.
We have two angels in this story... If our friend had not arranged this meeting, this spinal abnormality would have never been discovered. And of course, retired Dr. B himself. These are the first two angels that have been placed in our path on this journey. They are  not the last.
The most important lesson in today's post, for male readers, or their advocates to be aware that a shrinking prostrate is NOT to be ignored.  It is a symptom that something is not working in the body. The prostrate gland is not on an isolated is connected - with blood vessels, bones, nerves and more. I would have never imagined a spinal deformity to be the cause...but it makes complete sense.

Our bodies are an intricate network and divine and wondrous creation. It works together...and if something is amiss, there is a reason.  You may only learn about the cause for your own illness by digging into your past medical history...or like us, have a divine encounter with one of God's healing vessels walking this earth.

May you trust in His healing presence and works on your behalf,

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