Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oncology Discussion, Part 2 & Intro to Cachexia

A few more days have passed since I started the update from our oncology appointment. Seems every waking moment not spent caring for my husband, children (although they are very much on their own these past few months), some housework, and meals (focused on Jesse) - I am reading books, PubMed research data on meds or natural cancer fighting agents, focusing on cachexia (muscle wasting). I have little time for social media, even our own blog, and my business is on its own for the most part. Apologies for the delay for those waiting...

As was mentioned in the first part of this update - Jesse's cancer is too diffused in the bone for radiation to target, and per the first oncologist, chemo will not do much of anything for this type of cancer. Besides that, neither radiation and chemo eliminate cancer stem cells...only mature cancer cells. What this means is it can come back if stem cells remain. Jesse has said from the start that he doesn't feel he should have to kill the healthy part of his body to deal with the cancer.

With cachexia (muscle wasting) being the real threat, IMO, at this time...and lack of appetite - I sought to have these issues addressed. Dr. Hie feels Megace would increase Jesse's appetite. The idea behind this drug is women get more hungry when they are pregnant and progesterone levels are high. I had learned that progesterone is thermogenic and anabolic...and can actually help with weight loss. I attriubute progesterone to my own easy weight loss success four years ago, and a client had told me, happily, that she had lost 10 lbs changing nothing in her diet, but using transdermal progesterone cream. I can't help but think there must be something else, besides synthetic progestin, in the Megace formula that works synergestically for weight gain. We continue to hope Marinol will be approved by the insurance company to increase Jesse's appetite.

Regarding muscle wasting...I told Hie about bio-chemist, nutritionist Walter Last, of whose protocols we started implementing a few weeks ago. This includes Cesium Chloride, and we have the benefit of working with an expert coaching us through its use. Hie said he recalls another bio-chemist, from Russia, whose research had very good results with cachexia...however, the FDA never approved it. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! Immediately in my mind I thought if the FDA did not approve it must work!

I dug around a bit, and quickly found what I was looking for. Hydrazine Sulfate. This has been mentioned to me several times, and in fact, several days before our oncology appointment I had printed out information the protocol and it was still in the printer...

"Of all of the alternative treatments for cachexia, perhaps Hydrazine Sulphate is the best known. The reason is that it was designed specifically for cachexia.
Hydrazine Sulfate works on stopping the cycle just mentioned. Hydrazine Sulphate, or more commonly Hydrazine Sulfate, “interrupts the ability of the liver to convert lactic acid from tumours into glucose thereby helping to starve the tumours and inhibit their ability to metastasise.”

Since I began our update we did receive our HCG test results back from the Navarro Medical Clinic...and it was good news. The test measures the amount of active (live) cancer cells, simply put. The first test is a baseline, and subsequent testing will tell you if the protocol you are using is working, or not. If the number stays the same or is less, your cancer treatment is working. If it goes is time to change it up.

Jesse's original test, sent in August 28 after 6 weeks on our protocol, was 52.6. and now it is 52.2. Which means there is less active cancer, but as a reminder, HCG does not provide the type of, or aggressiveness of cancer. When I asked Dr. Navarro about the cachexia, continued weight loss, he replied,
"Assuming that no new lesions have developed over time or if the lesions have decreased in size, this will explain the lowering of the HCG result . However, the result being positive is still indicative of the presence of the cancer. As long as the cancer cells are present, expect weight loss. However, if he is on an alternative regimentation, most of the food taken as well as supplements have fewer amounts of calories and can also play a role in weight loss."

I have also read a statistic that 20% of cancer patients do not die from cancer, but from cachexia - muscle wasting. The cancer doesn't worry me, what DOES worry me is cachexia. I know we are to give all our worries to the Lord, but the weight loss is stressing me out. Jesse is much more at peace than I am, to be honest. I know cesium chloride takes minimum 3 months, and could take up to 2 years to eradicate cancer that has metastasized, but I cannot help but wonder if hydrazine sulfate should be brought on board - either instead of cesium or in addition to.

From the Cancer tutor website, and explanation:
Hydrazine Sulfate blocks the cachexia cycle in the liver, and cesium chloride blocks the cachexia cycle in the cancer cells!
The two protocols can be used together. I realize I should give cesium chloride protocol more time, but it is very hard to be patient when you see the man you love most wasting away. I see what others do not.

What we need to find a way to do: STOP the liver from converting the lactic acid into glucose thereby breaking the cachexia cycle. For more on how cancer cells work visit this link for a PDF.

From all that I have been digging up, there is NO conventional treatment to address cachexia. Considering 20% cancer patients die from it, why don't we have CURE CACHEXIA campaigns, awareness walks, and fund raising runs?

There are alternative medicine clinics that are successful...unfortunately, from what I am gathering - one week can be $10,000 or more, and of course insurance is useless. You can bet that it takes more than a week to reverse cachexia!

Why is it that everything insurance pays for does us little good? At best, we received the lab work needed, and Rx for a more potent, time release pain killer (which is still not taking care of the pain to allow a restful nights sleep). Marinol has yet to be approved by the insurance company, 5 days later. Which means I am also researching herbs and natural remedies to increase appetite, such as bitters (thanks to a friend), and starting to read up on oleander used to increase appetite. Fighting cancer, and in reality - cachexia, on a shoe string budget is very much all encompassing of my time, to say the least.

Praying for a miracle,


  1. Could you please tell us how your husband is doing on Cesium Chloride? I am thinking of using it myself . I hope he is well.

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