Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wonderful Day - Much Less Pain

This is such an AWESOME day! We are very grateful, our five gratitudes for this day...

Jesse awoke feeling the best he has in weeks - we are so grateful for friends who loaned us their Richway Amethyst BioMat, which he feels is helping. He wishes it were more comfortable for his body, but he is following Rita's requests to use it at least 3x daily while it is on loan for the holiday weekend.

We are grateful for Rita's regional vice president in Arbonne, who has graciously loaned her family's infra-red sauna for Jesse to use. He finds the sauna it SO relaxing. Abby, Jesse's daughter, and Rita are engaged in staging the "serene, meditative spa experience" for him.

Our family is feeling very blessed by so many who turned out for the rather impromptu holiday weekend surprise birthday party for Jesse at Crossroads Coffeehouse in Cross Plains. Mary Devitt, the owner, generously provided coffee and tea, and allowed our noisy group of family and friends to take over for a not so quiet coffeehouse afternoon (our apologies to those seeking quiet refuge) HA!

Rita is very grateful to have a son that has such a diligent work ethic. Kyle has been working so hard around to help out in and outside the house - the garbage pick up on Tuesday may not be pleased. We would not have the sauna space without his diligence.

Last, but certainly not least, we are so grateful for Rita's Arbonne business, and the clients/downline whose support us. It is so appreciated, and Rita is pleased with an awesome month end despite all that is going on. The Arbonne family and support from the home office speaks volumes of the stellar company that Arbonne is.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Starting the Budwig Protocol

We still have much to learn about it, but today we added in the Budwig protocol...aka cottage cheese/flax seed oil diet. Although apparently one only needs to consume the mixture once a it is more of a homemade supplement than diet plan.

There is a lot to learn...for example, taking Vitamin C therapy while taking the Budwig mixture cancels one another out. Also, one cannot use another high alkaline plan such as Ceesium Chloride with the Budwig.

What I do know is this protocol should help add weight back on. This past week Jesse did say he has gained two pounds...and perhaps it is because I have been making as many shakes for him as I can, adding in avocado.
The basic recipe for the Budwig protocol actually tasted pretty good.

6 T. organic low fat cottage cheese (Nancy's brand, or in the area, direct from Hershberger Farm)
3 T. Barleen's flaxseed oil
2 T flaxseeds, freshly ground
1 t. raw honey - we use Bucks, locally available at Crossroads Coffeehouse or Enchanted Valley Eggs - both of Cross Plains, WI

Use immersion blender to completely emulsify cottage cheese and flaxseed oil  ingredients until all oil is absorbed. Mixture looks like creamed cheese.

In a clean coffee grinder, grind flax seeds until very fine. This must be done fresh every time.

Lightly fold flax and honey into creamed cottage cheese mixture. It reminded me of cheesecake when I tasted it.

We served with fresh organic blueberries. Jesse thought it tasted pretty good, but did say he really appreciates the berries with it.  Our understanding is we only have to do this once a day, which is certainly much easier than juicing every hour. I will have to experiment and see what else we may do with the mixture.

Trusting in His Healing Promise,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learning to Rebalance

As Jesse mentioned, eating raw foods can be quick...if we are simply grabbing an apple or eating carrots.  But there is much more to a healing protocol.  There are plenty of supplements.  We've created a list of what he needs to take morning, mid-day, night. Not to mention fitting in green tea, herbal tea with detoxifying milk thistle, Essaic healing tea, Arbonne Immunity & Anti Oxidant ..Some supplements need to be taken with fats for absorption, some before eating anything else...yep, it can be overwhelming.

The list helps...but an Excel spread sheet would be better to check it off each day of the week. Haven't had time...any volunteers?

In the morning Jesse needs to check off a few protocol items, make and drink his morning shake, make and take a salad for lunch, be sure he has enough GOOD water from home to avoid the chlorine/fluoride water in municipal systems found at work, pack walnuts for snacking...all while limping around. It's too much.  I can only imagine how much harder this would be if he were sick in addition to from chemo.

Tonight, planning ahead...hopefully tomorrow easier. I made both his breakfast shake, and one for lunch. Adding and blending in a number of the supplements so that he would not have to swallow tablet after tablet.

Morning shake goes like this:
1 c unsweetened Silk Almond milk
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla vegan protein
1/2 scoop Arbonne fiber boost
1 scoop full spectrum super greens food
1/4 avocado
  1. 3 Curcumin Advantage Mercola Wellness
  2. 1 Vit D3 by Platt Wellness
  3. 2 Vit K2-7 by NOW
  4. 1 DIM Plus by Platt Wellness
  5. 1 Est-Less by Platt Wellness
  6. 2 Arbonne Joint Support
  7. 2 Jigsaw SRT Magnesium
Splash freshly squeezed lemon to keep avocado from oxidizing (or lime)
2 drops Collodial Silver liquid to prevent bacteria growth
1/3 cup frozen organic red raspberries

Blending all well with the Ninja, pouring into a shaker cup and placing in frig for morning. By the time all the green foods are blended with takes on this rather muddy look. Thankfully the vanilla shake, which is vegan, alkaline and low glycemic - does much in making this shake taste a whole lot better than it looks.

This leaves only the Beta glucan 1,3d to take first thing, Arbonne Anti-Oxidant Immunity Boosters with LypoSpeheric Vitamin C mixed in to hide the taste of the C gel, and the Arbonne Omega 3+, as well as Digestion Plus pro/pre biotics with 11 essential enzymes. All set out so Jesse knows what is left for the morning routine.

ONLY, right?!  If we start the Budwig protocol in earnest there will be more to do. I also heated up water in the teapot and poured over an Arbonne detox tea bag to cool in a mug. I then poured into a shaker cup, and have waters with a couple of Arbonne fizz stick drinks (high in ECGC anti oxidant), set in the frig to pack for work.

Posting the breakfast super immune and alkaline restoration shake on this that Jesse can review, Kyle can help make if I am not home at night, and we can team up as a family to restore, rebalance and renew a body in need.

In His healing presence,

Less time preparing meals?

As I finish reading today's devotional with Rita what I am realizing through all of this is that maybe we put too much emphasis on food.  Just grab an apple and carrots rather than spending time preparing a meal and spend more time with Him.  I don't know, once in a while it's good to get out a recipe and try something new...but so much has been prepared for's raw and good for us to eat and helps our bodies.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visions of Healing From God, Warnings of Witchcraft

"And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance." Acts 2:4
Recently friends prayed for us during a recent retreat I was attending. The three ladies where charismatic, speaking in tongues, interpreting, sharing visions received. The messages were powerful. I was told our family was embarking on a healing ministry...that we needed to TRUST him. God asked Jesse to let go of his fear, and I need to let go and let Him.  One instruction from God, given to me, was to "push back against witchcraft". I did not know what this meant. Nor do I fully understand what letting go I supposed to stop studying, researching and seeking the best treatment for my husband?

There was also a vision of the four of us surrounded by black children...perhaps in Africa or distant land, as missionaries. I liked this vision...for to me, it meant, we will overcome this cancer and go on to serve the Lord as a family.

What does the Lord mean by witchcraft? Was God referring to energy healers, healing crystals - things my husband has warned me to be wary of? I was perplexed by this and praying for a more clear answer.  Two weeks later I was in a coffeehouse, and the owner, a sister in Christ, was telling me how she heard a radio program talking about Babylonian times and the that the word "pharma" in the bible is translated to sorcery and witchcraft.  BINGO!!!  This was my answered prayer and revelation! I was elated to have this answered.  It is an affirmation from God that we are too push back against conventional radiation and chemotherapy. At least until He reveals a new direction for our journey.
Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible, which lists every word in the Bible, lists the word "sorcery" as word #5332 and tells us that it is translated from the original Greek word "pharmakon." It gives the definition as: a drug i.e. a spell-giving potion, a druggist or pharmacist, a poisoner.

I believe we are being called to help others heal, both spiritually and physically, using God's medicine chest, the knowledge He is filling us with - which I believe is more powerful than any medicine cabinet full of synthetic prescription drugs, or capsules of toxic substances. I was instructed, through the gift of tongues, to meditate and pray for wisdom, to sit quietly and the Lord will reveal the direction we are to go.

An even more powerful image, is one described as Jesus up in heaven, waiting. Waiting for fear to be released, waiting for total submission...and once we give it up He will cast healing down from the heavens. Jesse will awaken, and his body shall be healed. I remember this image in moments of doubt or negative energy

My prayer request to readers ...please pray that I will stop searching for answers long enough to allow God into my quiet space and reveal the answers I seek.

Learning to trust and let go,

Biblical references to pharma, drugs, medicine:
The Bible (King James Version)
Rev. 18:23 and 24
Proverbs 17:22
EZ. 47:12
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible
Webster's 2nd Collegiate Dictionary

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rising Above a Not So Good Day

Jesse met with his MD today...and I with him. If you have not signed consent forms so that spouses can be told information on the other's behalf...don't wait, get it done!  It is important to be in a position of advocacy for the other. If you don't have a spouse/ with someone you trust so that a family member can be given information if something happens to you. HIPPA laws have really made this difficult.

So it is late...I feel a need to provide an update and will just cut to the tears for the day have been shed, probably more out of frustration I don't fear cancer...but the pharma-mindset is a major dose of downers.

We went in to the appointment hoping to get an MRI referral for the pain in Jesse's right hip and leg. His right hip bone keeps rotating forward. We would like to know if the pain is cancer related, or from a bulged disc, or from this hip that doesn't seem to stay in place. I will say he had no pain while we were there. He had had a chiropractic adjustment earlier in the morning and everything was aligned. He has actually been feeling pretty good all day until near the end of the day. Wouldn't cancer pain hurt all the time? Or does it just flare up at the end of the day after your body has been working (and getting out of alignment?).

The doctor was pretty certain the pain was from cancer, how could it not be?

The MD read off the pulmonary specialist report from the PET scans done July 16. Basically it is more of a "where isn't the cancer?" - to which we can say....lower legs, left femur.

We knew where the conversation was going to go...Jesse said he had mentally prepared for it beforehand, kudos to him. He has come such a long way since reading the Healing Code and my encouraging him to embrace the Law of Attraction..."what you think about you bring about".

Jesse said he was willing to see an oncologist if they could give him a treatment that did not include the toxins of radiation and chemotherapy. With cancer as aggressive as his...she said they will want to do chemo, and there are no guarantees.

I did share with the doctor about a few of the exciting healers that had been put in our path...told her about the tailbone issue and the reopened pathway to the prostrate and immune system. I showed her one of the three books I had along..."Cancer Free" by Bill Henderson and told her we were following the protocol outlined in chapter 5 to help the body heal while we wait to meet the doctor we want to work with.  She took notes...wouldn't it be wonderful if she read the book just to understand better those patients who don't believe western medicine is the end all to beat all?.

We had blood drawn for another PSA, and Vit. D levels, which  I requested since it had never been done. Vit. D deficiency is predominant in most cancers dealing with the reproductive it is really a hormone, not a vitamin.

The big question there a doctor practicing western medicine that would do other than chemotherapy and radiation for cancer in the bones? If you know of someone...we'd like to know.

How I wish we had an oncologist such as Dr. Charles Moertel of the Mayo Clinic in our backyard. Quoted in the book "Cancer is Not a Disease" by Andreas Moritz, Mortel says, "Our most effective regimens are fraught with risks and side effects and practical problems, and after this price is paid by all the patients we have treated, only a small fraction are rewarded with a transient period of usually incomplete tumor reggression."

Meanwhile, we are going to keep pumping oxygen in the cells and restore alkalinity - cancer can't withstand either.  Bone cells are living cells - we believe the chaotic ones can be turned from the "dark side" to see the light again. We will be taking the urine sample for the HCG test and get that sent off to the Navarro Medical Clinic next week to establish a baseline marker of the amount of cancer, and track the progress every two months to determine if the treatment being used - western or eastern, is working. 

I needed to go to my Law of Attraction group meeting is "what the doctor" ordered. Envision the body healthy. I departed from my LOA group wanting  to print out a healthy skeletal image - good strong, cancer free bones, and start plastering our house with visions of health and positive thoughts. Not sure when I will have time to do this, however, so if you want to mail us positive energy with your favorite healing scripture, quote or prayer it would help us redecorate for the healing journey.

Trusting in His grace and mercy,

Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA Remains Over the Top and Telling the Children

It is Monday morning and I thought I would type a quick update before heading out for the day.
We did receive the results back from the ZRT lab and unfortunately, the PSA was still insanely high at 333, so Jesse being off the AndroGel did not change the number. (Normal PSA is 1-4 or 5)  This re-test sample was collected prior to beginning the pharmaceutical grade supplement protocol.

With this news we called the kids together to clue them in. Kyle was already aware, but our youngest was not. I explained that their dad had cancer, but fortunately we already eliminated the cause and did my "hinged hand" analogy showing how the tail bone had cut off the blood supply to the bone. Abby lent a squishy ball for the it worked perfectly. They now understand their dad's drastic diet change.

We also informed them that we do not yet know if the pain Jesse is having, which is causing much lack of sleep, is from the cancer or from sciatica.

Jesse took over from that point and said he did not want to go the chemo and radiation route, Abby quickly said, "well no! radiation doesn't sound good...not like anything you want in  your body!"  Intuitiveness? Not likely.... more the case of hearing a number of discussions in our home about toxins in the environment and what affects our bodies negatively. I may have even had the discussion with her on why I choose thermograms over mammograms to avoid the radiation.

The kids took it well. I reminded them about the visions we were given of all being in a mission field surrounded by small black children, and another vision about our family healing ministry.  Visions from God give us great hope and sustain us as we get this all figured out.

Jesse sent his doctor an email requesting the TK blood test, which will test us the amount and aggressiveness of cancer - without being invasive as a biopsy would be. We see the doctor on Wednesday, at which point I hope they will schedule an MRI (non radiation diagnostic) so we can verify what is going on with the spine, hopefully rule out lumbar tumor and check out the bones.

We are also in process of choosing a nutritionist to work with. I have a number of friends that do Functional Medicine, but I also know a MD who practices as a ND, and she did tell me she works with cancer patients.  I hope that those we do not work with will understand. It is Jesse's decision and he is wanting experienced as well.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. Including our children. And right now the biggest prayer we need is for God to alleviate Jesse's pain so he can sleep...for it is in rest that the body heals.

Trusting in Him,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cancer? Second Opinions...Immediate Actions

We have had 2nd and third opinions...from a trusted male hormone expert friend in California, as well as others with holistic practitioners. It is important to get at least one other 2nd opinion, in my opinion. ;-)
When the news was delivered we were told the PET scan results showed us two options:
1. Cancer
2. bacterial infection

We wanted someone to tell us it was a bacterial infection, but as Jesse was not sick at all until the diagnostic scans (a pulled muscle and visit to the ER is how this began) - no one has given us any indication we are dealing with anything other than cancer. Typically a PET follows a biopsy to show where the cancer is located, but in our case diagnostics were performed the other way around.

In June, when we were made aware that something was amiss...and after returning from a family vacation Jesse went full force on an all alkaline diet since June sugar, no meat or animal by products of any kind. He has been eating vegetables -  juicing once a day, drinking alkaline, vegan smoothies, and has increased and added to his daily vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The greatest help we have found is in Bill Henderson's book, "Cancer Free" - and we went directly to chapter 5 for a protocol that could reverse cancer cells in as little as six weeks - depending upon the type of cancer. The protocol reduces inflammation (a commonality among all cancers), and boosts the immune system so it can fight cancer.

We've determined the cause - this was the game changer!....the tailbone adjustment opened the path to rebuilding the immune system. Cancer is a systematic disease...not a localized disease in one part of the body. We are blessed to have found such a clear cause.

Working with a hormone expert/doctor friend in California, we have implemented high dose vitamin D3 therapy, and progesterone. Both are highly successful in treating prostrate disease.

As of August 11, an oral form of vitamin C, that is supposed to be more powerful than Vitamin IV therapy arrived and Jesse has started taking this supplement as well. This therapy was mentioned in the Henderson book, and Vit. C IV Therapy has excellent results for prostrate, and breast cancer.

At some point I will find  time to share our protocol on this blog.

In these three weeks since we first had news, Jesse feels better, and has regained much strength. He does have pain, but it is undetermined if it is from a prior bulged disc/rotating hip...or from the "c" word. Our massage therapist, who worked on Jesse today, did comment that his right hip is rotated forward. Wouldn't it be great if all his pain were actually related to muscle and joints that require chiropractic services?

We hope to have a new PSA test back very soon. The first PSA was no doubt skewed by the AndroGel testosterone cream Jesse was on. We expect different numbers, yes, but we still expect cancer. The likely fact is...the tailbone cut off blood supply to the prostrate gland, no blood supply means little to no oxygen.  A cell lacking oxygen becomes cancerous. We can't change this, but we can and are moving forward.

May your cells have plenty of oxygen this day!
Rita S.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Finding The Cause of a Cancer

How many people, who have cancer, actually know the cause? For some types of cancer it may seem obvious...we have been brought up to learn that smoking can cause lung cancer, for instance. However, for most...the cause remains a mystery...and we just go forth, diagnose and treat.

One thing is for certain, cancer doesn't happen overnight. Many tumors are 10 years in the making. Thermography is a great, non-toxic, diagnostic tool. For example, this method can  detect areas of concern in breast tissue ten years before a mammogram will. Unfortunately, insurance will rarely cover this diagnostic marvel. I do have a friend, who is a breast cancer survivor, who refuses radiation mammograms, and has her doctor refer her for thermography. I believe her insurance then covers it, because of her history of cancer.

In Jesse's case, once we (not they, but we) looked at the body as a whole...a pretty clear picture has been painted as to the cause. Here is how this came about...and the BIG lesson in this is that a shrinking prostrate should be JUST AS concerning as an enlarged prostrate. it's rare, but it can happen and below is one reason why...

A friend of ours felt led to arrange a consult with a retired chiropractor  that has helped her family for over 30 years. Jesse's back pain issues were improving after he recently switched to my chiropractor, so I wasn't sure there was a need. But our friend was insistent, and so we did..
Long story short (Jesse is fine with this info being shared because we feel God is using our story to help others) - the chiropractor discovered that Jesse's tailbone was not just curved under, but "way" under and affecting the prostrate. This provides an explanation for "shrinking prostrate" - a condition that his MD and endocrinologist had not ever seen in their practice. Nor actually, had the hormone expert and author, I have consulted with in California.

The chiropractor actually went "in" and manipulated the tailbone and straightened it. Instantly, all the tension in Jesse's neck, shoulders, lower limbs released. The doctor figured this to be a very old injury - likely from Jesse's youth of riding 10 speed bikes - (you may recall...those skinny saddles that always hurt your tailbone).

My hormone specialist/doctor friend in California said that the tailbone injury was likely pinching off the blood supply to prostrate, causing shrinkage. I have read enough books to know that oxygen is carried to the cells by blood, actually, my kids already know this from biology class. A lack of blood supply means oxygen is not being carried to cells. When a cell becomes oxygen depleted (60/40)  it becomes diseased and/or cancerous.

Check out the chart....the tailbone is directly related to the health of the prostrate gland!
Our hope has been renewed and strengthened with this amazing spinal adjustment. I picture the retired DC with angel was the wildest thing in chiropractic care we have ever heard of! I have since learned there are a very few in practice who do manual tailbone manipulation.
We are realistic...we don't expect that the adjustment is going to make the diseased cells go away, or drop the high PSA ...but we feel it is a first step in allowing the healing process to begin. God gave me a vision of blood flowing through veins and back into the prostrate.  The body works as a WHOLE. Prostrate cancer, or any type of cancer, does not mean that the problem began with just one part of the body.
As well, previously our regular chiropractor, upon doing a muscle test, had noted that Jesse's immune system had a neurological blockage. We revisited the "tailbone adjuster" this past Friday to ensure that the straightened tailbone had remained, and it has to our relief.  Even better, the muscle testing from three weeks ago and this past Friday were a night and day difference.

Three weeks ago the doctor tested Jesse and said he had never met anyone as weak as he, both upper and lower limbs.  On Friday the same doctor retested, and declared Jesse a walking miracle!  Rock solid strong, he declared. This is a clear indicator that the immune system is at work and the nutrients and supplements are doing as they are supposed to do.

Also this chiropractor believes Jesse's lumbar is in perfect working order...which it would not be if there were a bulged disc, or as the MD suggested - a lumbar tumor present.  That is not to say he did not have something -as in June he was in a lot of pain in the lower back. I have read that an anti inflammatory diet can heal a bulged disc.  Jesse has been on a high dose of Curcumin supplement (3000 mg) a day - which has been known to shrink tumors, so I figured it could do the same for bulged discs. Perhaps it has worked., along with the strict anti-inflammatory and alkaline food choices.
We have two angels in this story... If our friend had not arranged this meeting, this spinal abnormality would have never been discovered. And of course, retired Dr. B himself. These are the first two angels that have been placed in our path on this journey. They are  not the last.
The most important lesson in today's post, for male readers, or their advocates to be aware that a shrinking prostrate is NOT to be ignored.  It is a symptom that something is not working in the body. The prostrate gland is not on an isolated is connected - with blood vessels, bones, nerves and more. I would have never imagined a spinal deformity to be the cause...but it makes complete sense.

Our bodies are an intricate network and divine and wondrous creation. It works together...and if something is amiss, there is a reason.  You may only learn about the cause for your own illness by digging into your past medical history...or like us, have a divine encounter with one of God's healing vessels walking this earth.

May you trust in His healing presence and works on your behalf,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cancer? Now what? We are not in a panic...

If you happen upon this blog, you may be searching as one who has been affected by cancer. No matter where you are on the path to wellness, it is our prayer that you will find hope and encouragement on your journey.

You may be a family member or friend, simply checking in to see how we are doing  Our choices may seem foreign to you. We don't expect you to understand or embrace a holistic approach to wellness, but we do ask for your support and prayer.

Who we are ...husband and wife, Rita and Jesse.  Rita is the writer, and the one who will most likely provide reports, share what we learn with others. We are facing what is likely prostrate cancer, which has already metasticized to bone.  It is not the prostrate cancer that scared us, but the possible cancer in the bone. Jesse has released the fear, and given it to God who is big enough to handle such things, to allow healing to enter in.

Jesse is a CAD draftsman, spiritual leader of our household, and is a 1 on 1 Care minister at our church. Rita is an independent Arbonne consultant and offers pure and safe holistic wellness products to families who are concerned about what they put on and in their bodies.  She has been a holistic health advocate since 2010, has studied, and has presented wellness workshops, includnig  cancer prevention numerous times. It is with great thanks that we feel prepared for such a time as this - as many are in a fog when they receive such news. We have two children, who are great joys in our lives. We have built our home on a solid foundation of believing that Christ died on the cross to save each of us, and strive to serve others as Christ showed us.

 It is our hope Jesse will share more about how he is feeling, and use this blog as a way to journal his path towards wellness. And WELLNESS is what we DO EXPECT. We have envisioned it. We trust it will come. We are focusing on positive, rather than the negative thoughts that fuel sickness.

Technically, we don't know.  What we do know is that the MDs are extremely concerned, have given doomsday reports (this is the delivery style we experienced), and are definitely glass half empty types of people.  If we did not have a strong faith to hold us up we would have probably crumbled by now, and rushed into further damaging diagnostics or surgery as urged. This is not to say that we have not shed tears...we most definitely have.

Confirmed diagnosis? No, a biopsy has not been performed.  Biopsies are not the most safe method of determining cancer. You have the right to not feel the same as we do on this. According to the John Wayne Cancer Institute, there is a 50% chance that as the needle is extracted, if cancer is on  that needle it can spread to other areas. We realize our friends don't understand why we have not rushed to get a biopsy - this is one reason, AnD there are other options. But who tells you about that?

We have learned about other, non-invasive methods to determine cancer, and track one's progress in fighting it as well.  This is what we are opting for in lieu of a biopsy. You can read more about this and more accurate testing available for prostrate cancer at Cancer Tutor , which has been the greatest help in our 3 week journey thus far.
-  HCG test is what we are opting for - its inexpensive as an out of pocket expense
- Red Drop test - it will be interesting to see if insurance will cover this

For now...we are approaching each day as though Jesse has cancer. Reviewing past exam notes, it is highly likely that this cancer, or whatever it is, has been brewing since 2012. Cancer never happens overnight... I have pieced together bits of the puzzle that paint a pretty realistic scenario of how this has come about. What we do know is that something is wrong, and no matter what it is  - we want it gone and the body healed.

You can interpret this as you wish....on July 18 we did receive this summary from a pulmonary specialist (which is interesting in of itself as to why we were sent to see him and all that followed)....
Summary: The PET scans shows that you have several lymph nodes in your chest and abdomen that are using a high amount of sugar. Also, there are several bones (back bones, hip bones, leg bone-femur) that are using a high amount of sugar. These areas are concerning of cancer. There are possible other explanations such as infection for high sugar usage.
The first step is to check PSA to test for prostrate cancer.
If the PSA is abnormally high then you should meet with urologist who may perform a prostrate biopsy.
If PSA is normal  next step would be biopsy of lymph node or bone….

The PSA did reveal an extremely HIGH high that it seems few have never heard such a high number. That in itself is an indicator that it may not be accurate. We do know that Jesse was a on a male hormone (and more of his case history will be shared so that others will become aware, and perhaps we can help prevent this same health risk for others), and I have learned that this male hormone can attribute to a very high PSA.  At this time we are waiting for a 2nd PSA to come back, which I requested, to be done by a lab that I have come to trust for my Arbonne clients - ZRT labs.

I also requested a full male comprehensive profile, as Jesse's estrogen levels have never been checked. Two  years ago, in my mind, my gut instinct was that Jesse's estradiol levels needed to be checked in proportion to progesterone. I will go into this in more detail in another post - it is VERY important information for men to is unlikely your MDs will be knowledgeable of this, unless they have studied this on their own outside the clinical setting.

God has put many angels along our path since this journey that has been a major game changer that has put us on the path towards healing. We have no doubt that the heavens have opened up the path towards healing in more ways than one.

Trusting in His healing power,