Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Waiting on MRI, Ceesium Chloride is On the Way

Lot's has been going on and neither of us have had time to post...sorry.

1. Jesse's pain has gotten worse these past few weeks.
We started bath soaks with sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride flakes and Arbonne sea mineral seems to help some. I also started applying DMSO to Jesse's  leg and hip followed by SeaSource Renewing Body Gelee... which is short term relief, although tonight he felt today may have been a turning point so let's pray it continues.

2. MRI was done Monday...odd we have not heard anything yet as they said results are usually available within hours. Perhaps the oncologist who ordered is out of the office....
Initially the MRI was to be on the hip and leg area, which is where all the pain stems from and what we wanted. But they ordered for several places in the body, no doubt to check on status of bone lesions. Three hours lying flat while in pain...well, that pretty much did my man in for the rest of Monday, and Tuesday was an awful day.

3. Contacted UW Patient Relations/Advocacy...which was not really any help. They do not research on your behalf to help find the doctor you are looking had been suggested. We simply want to find a naturopath or integrative MD that works with oncology patients in UW Health...they gave us numbers for clinics to call.  Apparently a ND no longer/doesn't seem to exist. The integrative med MD we found on the UW helath internet search is not taking new patients, so unless Dr. Hie refers it probably won't happen. Which is disappointing...we really wanted to work with an MD who takes an integrative approach, could guide us on nutritional supplements and needs, and order blood work to monitor levels, as potassium will need to be checked regularly for the CC protocol.

4. Finally made that needed connection to the ceesium chloride (CC) alternative treatment expert. I wasn't going to order ceesium until we had some answers from the MRI, but I couldn't wait any longer...we need to get the pain managed and the Rx does pretty much nothing. Sleep is so important!  I need to focus on learning this new protocol and figure out how it fits into what we are already doing, and adjust where needed.

5. Found a small freezer tonight on Craigs list and plan to pick up Friday - praise the Lord!. This will give us a little more room in the chest freezer...which can then allow me to reach out and ask for some help with having some meals delivered from friends...Kyle needs gluten free, and minimal dairy. Jesse can have meat if it is organic, but also needs to be gluten and dairy free. So we are not the average family to simply bring meals to...but would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for continued prayers and support,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fuel on the Fire

I am learning SO much today about an amazingly inexpensive protocol that has healed late stage and aggressive cancers...sodium bicarbonate, ie. baking soda.  More on this later, but I want to share an affirmation of what my gut instinct has told me since June...

An excerpt from Walter Last's e-book "Overcoming Cancer" ...
"Because radiotherapy and chemotherapy impose a high toxic load
on the body and impair the immune system even more than surgery,
they tend to increase the malignancy of any metastases that may
already be present, or promote the formation of new tumours. Any
perceived benefit, such as shrinking of tumours, is usually only
temporary, with much faster growth occurring later on."

After Jesse's CT scan in June he has commented more than once that since that night, he has felt a shift inside his body...and it was negative energy, not a positive shift.  Seeing as how the man was healthy prior to this ER visit (other than some low back pain off and on for a year), for what they deemed a pulled muscle, but for precautionary reasons wanted to do a CT scan...he has since gone "downhill" since that visit in regards to all that has taken place since.

My gut instinct, seeing the changes in him since June, has told me that the radiation from the CT and PET scans - although deemed necessary to inform us of the situation we are in today - fueled the particular cancer cells in Jesse's body.  The result of the CT scan in June showed two small areas of "sclerotic lesions" on the spine. A month later, in mid-July, the PET scan tells us there is a whole lot more, from neck to pelvis.

Is it possible that a CT picks up only two and misses all the rest? Or, might it be that the radiation poured gasoline on the existing cancer cells and caused them to spread like wildfire? With what I heard in the Cure to Cancer Summit podcasts today, I am trusting my gut instinct.

If only there was a way to tell if one's body is going to have a severe adverse reaction to radiation diagnostics..someone ought to work on that for the next Nobel prize.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Got to sit out back again today. Didn't want to so much for I'm in some pain again. It was cool yet beautiful and I finished "Those who trust the Lord shall not be disappointed" It's a good book. My pain affects my outlook sometimes but it is truth that is crucial. At 6:00 on Daystar (ch.38 on the airwaves) is a movie we're going to watch as a family..."Another Perfect Stranger". Hope you have a wonderful evening. Peace.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Cancer Protocol Supplements

Today I was reading some archived issues of the Bill Henderson "Curing Cancer Gently" newsletters...and learned about a Vietnamese herb called Crinum Latifolium for prostrate health. Henderson tried it himself, after using other forms of Crinium herb...but found the product developed by a Vietnamese researcher to excel compared with any other herb he has tried for prostrate health.

The symptoms addressed by the brand name, Crila,  are symptoms Jesse has experienced for the past several years, and continues to. I can't help but wonder if we had known about this herb several years ago if we would be in a different place today. (well wait, it is easy to forget how unique our situation was with the tailbone amount of clean eating, supplementing, alkalizing would have reversed disease in a gland to which no blood supply was flowing).

Still, looking at the cost of the supplement - sticker shock! It is not in our budget right now. I thought the $65/bottle foe the Beta glucan 3,1d was pricey, but it was recommended as the number one immunity boosting product on the market, so we put up.  People who tell me Arbonne is expensive would perhaps realize quickly that prevention costs less than actually having a disease. At least Arbonne customers get to shop at a discount.  I am thankful for the supplements we can get through Arbonne and use as a part of our protocol. 

In searching for cancer fighting supplements - purity is of utmost importance. Potency is of course key, or it is a waste of money. These are costly, and we don't receive a discount - many of the "best" are not available at for a better deal. Thus is the case with Crila - at $100 a bottle...I am going to hold off for now and see if the steps we are taking do the work and fully restore health. Or perhaps a Naturopath could prescribe and we could get it that way...or at least write it off on taxes at the end of the year... something to help us out in that respect.

Jesse has quite a supplement protocol. As you can see from the picture can be overwhelming. I love the supplements that come in a powdered form in a vegi we can open up the capsule and dump it into his Arbonne vegan protein shake with the green foods for cell oxygenation. The powder forms of supplements allow us to simply  use a shaker cup to blend his noisy blender in the early morning.

Not shown, because it hasn't arrived yet, is the Barlean's organic, cold pressed flax seed oil that we are going to start using  - one case should last approximately a month. As well, the purest organic coconut oil we can find. Both of these good fats are going to be added to his smoothies as we need to put the fat back on his bones. Coconut oil will have to be blended with the Ninja, but I have added Barlean's previously to his shaker cup mix and blended with success. Barlean's is kind enough to sell their products to cancer patients at wholesale...but you must call. If you know someone with cancer who has lost weight and needs these oils (if they have lost weight they DO!) call and set up an account with Barlean's at 800-445-3529.  You can also get the organic flax seed from Barlean's, which is a part of the Budwig diet protocol - recommended for those who have lost weight.

Once the Barlean's arrives I will be making our 3rd edit to the original cancer treatment seems I am finding more beneficial supplements and as I learn, the protocol is edited. If you would like to learn what we are doing just send me an email. I am working on the newer version this week.

I also forgot to include our teas...which are also an important part of the protocol. We have Essaic tea, a blend of herbs that have successfully helped to rid of cancer, and the Arbonne detox tea - with powerful liver supporters of milk thistle and dandelion, and formulated to help boost our internal glutathione factory. I have not found another detox tea that includes all of the beneficial ingredients that the Arbonne tea does, and as a non tea drinker - it tastes good (unlike the Essaic acquired taste).

I know this alternative approach is still costing less than conventional - we would be going over the maximum allowed pretty quickly with chemo and radiation, I believe.  And the long term result will be health 10, 20, 30 years from now...versus a  5 year success rate of .5% offered by conventional prostrate cancer treatment, per the report from the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney  Cancer Centre, Royal 
North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW

Tip for today...take pure supplements with a high absorbency rate for prevention...unless you have a spinal deformity or other body/spinal should do you a world of good and go a long ways into staying healthy.

Be well, 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Less Pain...Thanks for those prayers!

I just wanted to report that within the past 48 hours Jesse has improved much in regards to the pain he has been feeling. He is walking more upright, and it is easy to see a marked improvement.

We visited Dr. B, the chiropractor in Oregon again. Thankfully NO major adjustments this time...all is pretty much holding fact, the doc was impressed with how well Jesse is holding together. A little adjustment mid-back to right of spine, and down by the sacrum (remember, that was a huge re-haul last time - which contributed to the pain once that set in).

The lumbar looks very good and remains where it should  Dr. B just cannot see any indication of a lumbar tumor, as indicated by Jesse's MD.  If it was, we suspect it is no more. Or, all along, was it a bulged disc, and the anti-inflammatory diet took care of it?

As soon as the BioMats arrive we will sandwich Jesse within again, and we will have him feeling great in no time.

We also ordered a case of Barlean's pure, cold pressed flaxseed oil, and pure coconut oil, and flax seed. It should arrive Monday, at which time we will go full force with pumping these good fats into Jesse's system so we can put weight back on his frame.

Friday morning we see the oncologist. We will hear the "speech", and then show the results of the HCG test and see what he has to say about that. I also plan to track down the study that was done with Vit D therapy and men with prostrate cancer.

What I would like out of this appointment is a referral to an ND so we can have insurance pay for working with someone to monitor nutrient levels and make suggestions for weight gain.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We are blessed as they are answered....but truth is, we would be blessed even if they were not. We know and trust everything is in God's time, and often through trials such as these...we learn a lesson of patience.


Cancer is a Family Affair

We are trying to make Jesse's life easier...he often comes home from work and makes himself fresh juice. Ideally, a cancer patient drinks juice within an hour of making it for the greatest benefit from the enzymes.

Yesterday I stopped at Willy Street Co-Op in the morning for organics...and juiced 8 lbs of carrots, bunch of celery, red Russian kale, radishes....then I grabbed cucumber from friends, and from our garden, cabbage, beets, lemon balm, bay leaves and cilantro...whew!  All that work and I ended up with only 10 pint jars and 2 jelly jars. I thought it would be more, but I was out of jars anyhow. Abby helped for a bit...clean up was a bit of a chore.

I cannot help but wonder how much more advantageous juicing is as compared to using a full spectrum, ultra pure green super food.  Any nutritionists have thoughts on this? I know the super green foods pump cells with oxygen and anti oxidants. How is that different than the benefits of juicing? Comments would be welcome.

Next time, however I decide to spend hours juicing, I am having a JUICING PARTY! Pretty much every speaker at the Cure To Cancer summit talks about importance of nutrition and juicing is a part. It really is not an option if you want optimal healing. (Do they know about super green foods and has anyone done research to compare the cell oxygen levels in people?)  Per a nutritionist who works with oncology patients, drinking juice fresh is best, but I was thrilled when one speaker said that if you can't make juice every day, spend one day juicing LOTS and putting in the freezer, taking out one by one. I decided that is simply what we needed to do.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vitamin D As A Part of Cancer Recovery and Prevention

This week I have been listening to The Cure to Cancer Summit. Anyone can register for free, and all talks are available for 48 hours after they have been live. If you are interested in improving your own health, helping a loved one with their battle for cancer, or if you have a health and wellness business (nutrition, medical, oncology, etc) - I highly encourage you to take advantage of the 2nd annual summit.
Carole Baggerly, of the Vitamin D Society, is one of the guest speakers and her talk is "Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention". I took a lot of notes and you can find them on my Purely Living blog, but as this is Jesse's healing blog, I will keep this short and post that relative to prostrate cancer.
Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. It is critical for cells to function. People work day jobs that are primarily indoors, children play on computers and watch television more than they play outside....our lifestyles create vitamin D deficiency. If everyone had Vitamin D levels of 40-60 it would help take care of many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, and several cancers. An oncologist who spoke at the summit last week, who practices in California, said that well over 90% of his patients are deficient in Vitamin D.
Prostate cancer research, headed by Dr. Bruce Hollis at the Medical University of South Carolina, men with stage 1 prostrate cancer were given 4,000 units/day for a one year period. After that time 55% had fewer lesions than when they started, and allowed them to bypass conventional treatment of radiation and chemo. This also holds true for African American men, which have a greater percentage of prostrate cancer diagnosis.
For men diagnosed with lethal prostrate cancer, a 57% reduction of cancer occurred when men got their Vitamin D levels up past 37.  (We see the oncologist Friday, and from speaking with the other two doctors, his MD and the pulmonary specialist - I suspect Jesse's diagnosis will be considered this as they use the word "aggressive".
The link to the Vitamin D Society has been added to the right side bar - and even though we did not use the society directly for Jesse's healing protocol - a high dose of Vitamin D was begun shortly after the confirmed diagnosis on July 18. I have no doubt in my mind that it was a huge player in Jesse's lower bracket HCG test for active cancer cells.
If you are going through cancer, please visit Purely Living for the in-depth note taking on Braggerly's talk and visit the Vitamin D Society's web page.  If you are organizing fund raisers to "CURE CANCER" do the world a huge favor, and support organizations such as this...which are researching and educating on PREVENTING cancer. I think we can all agree, the best cure for any disease - is PREVENTION.
May you get your sunshine today, without sunscreen,
Rita S.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Greetings on a Sunday,

I was able to make it to Blackhawk to today and this was good. Afterword, I was also able to get out on the back deck and drink some tea and read some of "Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed". Absolutely beautiful back there. Kyle cleaned up the back area a while ago, I'll try and post a pic if possible. Still hurt'n today I think from the adjustment and or some of the work went back to the old position. If you are are praying for me, please be steadfast for it is very much appreciated. I keep coming back to the thought "no one loves me more than God" and know through all this He is doing a great work in my life and others as included. If you pray for me, please...less to no pain, more weight and strength. Shalom!


Friday, September 5, 2014

HCG Results, Chiropractic and Acupuncture

On Wednesday of this week we went to the chiropractor in Oregon again...the one who found the curved tailbone, straightened it - allowing healing to begin.

This visit was slow and deliberate - checking over each part of Jesse's body. I won't list all the adjustments made - I wrote notes of which the page filled and I was squeezing into the margins. Achilles on left twisted, fixed foot to straighten...L4 and L5 lumbar out of place....and the biggie - the sacrum bone was tilted forward, and needed to be repositioned.  This was stubborn to adjust with the chiropractic furniture and required a manual adjustment similar to the tailbone.

I honestly don't know how Jesse handled it - I watched that take place. For the chiropractor - it was difficult  - it took all of his strength. Jesse told me after he could not have withstood much more pain.  Prayers requested that this 2nd, major adjustment to the spine and skelatol system stays in place and that the bones and muscles adjust and heal.

This adjustment has put Jesse back to experiencing greater pain.   This was no ordinary adjustment, but a major shift in how the body is structured...almost like an outpatient surgery, if you consider what really took place.

I set up an appointment for him today with an acupuncturist in Madison that I know through a businesswomen's group that I belong to. She also inferred that the two major adjustments Jesse has had would be enough to cause anyone pain. The session went for over  an hour - but the body has limits. She wasn't going to push it any further, and Jesse can decide if he wants to visit again.

Fortunately the Lafuma zero gravity chair arrived is the most comfortable chair he has experienced. The heat from the mini Bio Mat, while sitting, helped...but he is in pain. I doubt the OxyCoden will provide much benefit this evening. Prayers are needed for sleep and pain relief.

I had signed up for the Cure for Cancer Summit  - which anyone can listen to online. I won't be able to catch all of the talks...but tonight listened to Leigh Erin Connealy, MD/Oncologist of the Center for New Medicine in California. Connealy listed testing that can catch cancer ten years before it shows in a medical imaging scan or thermography. She also mentioned tests she uses on her patients, of which there are quite a few, including the HCG.

We did receive the HCG test results back for Jesse from the Navarro Medical Clinic. The news was good, in my opinion, as the number was much lower than expected, 52.6.  The sample was taken on August 24 and mailed on the 25th - very quick results. Comments were that the elevated and positive number are likely a result of "remnants/microscopic remains of  prostrate cancer into the bones". Numbers can be as high as 10,000 for certain types of cancer. I have a few questions to send the doctor who provided the results, but it certainly seems we are going in the right direction with restoring cells to being healthy team players, and as well, perhaps knocking some off with the BioMat and infra-red sauna heat, and detoxing .

Jesse began his anti-inflammatory, alkaline based eating protocol on June 21st. Gradually, we added in more supplements as information gathering began and we talked with doctors and those who have gone through alternative and radical remission themselves.

I need to jump on board with this anti-inflammatory eating lifestyle - as in day to day diligence...and will start the Arbonne 30 day program on the 15th of this month. Several classes are coming up - but Dr. Connealy was very clear in her Summit talk that inflammation is a precursor to all cancer and disease. Per Connealy, everyone should have a C-Reactive Protein test to measure inflammation as it provides a very early warning that something is amiss.

May your C- Reactive Protein test measure no  more than one,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Visions from the Heavens

So many are praying for us and we cannot even begin to express how much it means to have ardent prayer warriors lamenting on our behalf. Today I want to share how the Spirit comes into play in the healing process...we firmly believe that without the Holy Spirit and God at work on our behalf through this journey ...we would be in a darker place.

Soon after all of this began, at the end of July I was meeting a new Arbonne business builder, W,  at Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery on Monona Drive in Madison (awesome place, by the way - my favorite spot in that direction for breakfast and lunch).  It became closing time on a Saturday afternoon.  A group of Filipino women had come in to clean as a gift for the owner, Kaz, for her generosity in donating bakery for their church fellowship. As well, a woman was present who was part of the west side Healing Room. I will call her TH. We had learned about the eastside Healing Room from a friend, and did not know about the westside location.

I introduced myself to TH, explained that our mutual friend, W, had joined my Arbonne team so that he could provide his son with lessons, college, and be the best single dad he could be. She immediately said we needed to pray over this new business venture and pray success for our friend.

As I returned to my table and began to pack up some documents, i felt moved to ask for prayer for my husband. I shared that my husband had been diagnosed with cancer. Soon every body in the place had gathered in a circle. The Filipino women were a part of a miracle network. They go around and pray for people, and miraculous things happen as the intercessory prayers are lifted and the Holy Spirit comes to earth to dwell.

TH led the prayer for healing to come upon Jesse. During this prayer one of the women received the vision of unknotting and ligaments becoming unraveled. I felt the Holy Spirit coursing through veins...but not my own, but Jesse's. I could see it.  

TH also prayed over my ears...that I would hear only God's direction and find wisdom, discern that which is from Him and advice that is not of His will. That day, driving home on the beltline, I kept hearing over and over again in my head, "He is healed! He is healed!".  This brought me great joy and I was so thankful to hear from the Spirit, of which I have zero doubt from Whom the voice came.  This was not my first close encounter- interestingly enough, both times that I have heard God audibly speak to me I was behind the wheel...the first time was at the time of an impending impact of a Mack truck to my car.

Lastly, for today's post.. we have an amazing prayer warrior out of state. She is steadfast in her prayer and I have no doubt, praying without ceasing as much as possible with three young boys underfoot.  I am going to close with a powerful vision she was gifted with...I hope you can visualize it as I do...

"... You've got more than a legion of angels guarding you're property...surrounding you beating back the enemy." 

What more can I say? God has this. Cancer is not a death sentence. It is merely a wake up call that one needs to make some changes ...BIG changes.  Reconnect with the living Word of God. Connect the dots between the mind, feelings, cells. And Reconnect with nutrition that is pure, good and full of life to heal the body.

Humbled by the angels around us,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Turning 52, First Day of School, Intro to Bio Mat

Yesterday was a big day for our daughter as she began 6th grade - middle school. I am so glad Jesse has been feeling more mobile. He was even able to walk to the bus stop with us....slowly, but we got there. On his 52nd birthday - it was a  gift to be able to see her off to school.
If it were not for the pain in his hip and leg Jesse said he would actually be feeling very good.  We return to see our "angel" chiropractor today, the one who discovered Jesse's tailbone curving under the spine and pinching off the prostrate. The massage therapists are noticing a hard, bone-like protrusion on his right side, but below the hip bone. It is  not on the left side.
We need to determine what this is and perhaps Dr. B can give us some insight that we can then speak to the oncologist about. I still feel like an MRI is a smart tool to use in Jesse's one affected area.
After the weekend of having the Richway Amethyst Bio Mat on loan, it was hard to let it go. It made such a difference. We put in an order last night for the professional mat and the mini, as it is recommended to "sandwich" cancer patients between the two. Bio Mats have been reported to shrink tumors and even make them chiropractor, Joe Teff, had told me this when I have expressed interest in a BioMat. He researches everything thoroughly, and I trust his opinions.
If you are interested in testing it out, as my cousin did this weekend - with noticeable improvement with the cyst on her leg, let's talk. I am considering letting friends and family try the bio mat for a donation to Jesse's cancer treatment fund.
Jesse's workstation at ETC has been converted to a standing station - this will be a great help to him. Nothing is worse than sitting when one has issues relating to the lower lumbar, speaking as one with a history of low back surgeries.
I am also hoping we can get the oncologist appointment rescheduled today. It was supposed to be last Wednesday when Jesse awoke in so much pain he could barely move. He opted for the chiropractor and relief over an oncologist.
We are grateful for the turn around. The Lord is good and at work...the Master Carpenter reconstructing those bones inside and making my husband strong again.

May you feel His healing Presence wherever it is needed in your life,