Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An In Depth of our Oncology Appointment & Discussions

A good appointment with the oncologist yesterday in that he was pleasant and wasn't the usual "downer" as we've experienced with the bedside manner of others. Prayers answered.
We really like Dr.Hie not only for his bedside manner, but that he is working with us in the realm of what he can offer at a conventional hospital.

This post will be I feel the need to explain much for family and inquiring minds..
A good profile of testing was ordered. Because insurance companies still believe prostrate cancer is caused by high testosterone, Dr. Hie said insurance would not cover the estradiol test (elevated levels are true cause of not only female cancers, but prostrate as well - learned this is 2010 from Dr. Stacey Bean's wellness seminar in Madison - and many subsequently read books). Since insurance would not cover it I asked to have it removed from the testing list...but as I viewed results was included. I would not doubt this test will cost 100s, if not over 1000, whereas I could have gotten it from ZRT for $40.

Dr. Hie disagreed with me, and the many doctors who treat prostrate cancers by bringing estrogen down. When I named doctors using it he was aware of them and said none conform to which I said, "yes, and are you aware of their success rate?"  No response to that.  (It is always hours later, no longer at the appointment, where I ask myself "WHY didn't you ask the MD to explain why we don't have an epidemic amongst 17 yr old boys?" Platt posed this question in his book "The Miracle of Bio Identical Hormones", which I read in 2011.  It made so much sense I have to wonder why every doctor doesn't see is more complicated than this, of course, as there are hormone conversions taking place; but just as for women - men require a BALANCE of estrogen to progesterone just as females do.

Hie then brought up a drug called Megace. It is a synthetic progesterone...aka progestin. Since progestin is known to cause cancer in women, I brought up my concern. I was told it is only proven to cause cancer in fortunate that men are excluded! Or are they?

Interestingly enough, when I looked up the drug to see what it does - it brings DOWN estradiol in that respect - it is a very good thing as that is exactly what needs to happen. However, I am not sure if it is worth the risk. Since we already have Jesse on a high dose transdermal bHRT progesterone cream via. my hormone expert friend in California, Dr. Platt, my thoughts are that the bHRT dosage can be increased. Hie did not know if transdermal cream could be a high enough dose as compared to an oral drug. I will consult with Dr. P on this. Jesse is also on a number of supplements from Platt formulated to reduce estradiol. The first hormone balance test we paid out of pocket for in July did indicate that Jesse is estrogen dominant (aka cancer promoting state of being).

In discussing Lupron therapy Hie said his goal would be to get Jesse's testosterone below 25. Well, lab results posted today show it at 16. So already below the normal range for a man his age...and again- the estradiol is high.

Seeing that testosterone is already below Hie's goal on its own...we will have to ask his thoughts about that. Might he look a little more closely at my suggestion that estradiol contributes to prostrate cancer, not testosterone? PSA continues to rise, but I did tell Jesse to keep in mind that PSA measures all proteins - both living and dead cancer cells.

As I reviewed Lupron therapy and what is involved, the missing link I see is the lack of using progesterone - the only hormone that keeps estradiol in check. (in the write up on Lupron it states it addresses symptoms, not the cancer itself). It is no surprise that Hie said Lupron therapy does not have a success rate to 5 years for the most part. The root cause is not addressed.

this is getting for part two on discussions with oncology...


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