Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gratitude for Progress in this Journey

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I see Jesse has already posted...he is "bright eyed and bushy tailed" this morning, as my father would say to the early risers growing up on the farm.

We are so thankful for the progress in Jesse's healing.  Both Dr. Lawler, our DO who does lymphatic massage, and Dr. Reeson, chiropractic noticed how much better Jesse is movement, energy, his eyes....  His body is adjusting so much easier to their work.  The areas where I apply essential oils or DMSO for pain are much fewer. He no longer "goes through the roof" with pain when I lightly touch him to do these light massages.

In fact, my husband is feeling so good right now he is in the kitchen making us broccoli quiche with gluten-free crust for Thanksgiving breakfast.

I am so thankful to the Integrative Health Institute, which I joined several months ago.  The organization continually brings the leaders in alternative oncology to educate members on what they are using for successful remissions of stage four cancer patients, without the use of chemo and radiation. This week Jesse and I had the opportunity to sit down and listen to an interview with alternative oncology MD  - Thomas Lodi, who has a clinic in the Philipines, but also Oasis of Hope Healing Center in Arizona.

Lodi stresses the importance of an alkaline diet and detoxification, but perhaps more importantly he says to, "Be conscience of your thought and changing the pattern."

He mentioned envisioning work he does with his patients, having them draw the cancer smaller and smaller each time they come to see him. Jesse really liked this idea.

We were able to submit questions prior to the webinar, and he did confirm that CBD Oil is superb for fighting cancer, inflammation and metastasis.  I admit a sense of relief in hearing him say so, since we had invested in the medicine from a company in California that I found another alternative clinic offering on their website. Because of all of you and your support, we had the means to do so.

For those who would like to learn more about medical hemp, you can visit my Purely Living blog,
If you check out the video you will see the woman cured is rebounding, which is something Jesse has also begun doing in the past two weeks. Rebounding helps his lymph nodes to drain, and in combination with the acupuncture, lymph massage and adjustments - his body is able to detox more readily. Inflammation has greatly decreased, and because of all this his body is able to use the nutrients he is consuming more easily.

Gratitudes are many on this day....
- the great team of people we are working with
- the friends from St. Martin's who came to work on house projects this week
- the group of people who rallied to get the "purr healing factor" of a cat into our home this week
- friends who have visited and helped me with housework
- the generosity of those who offered great auction/raffle items for the spaghetti dinner this coming week
- our friend who made Jesse an organic Thanksgiving turkey plate for today.

And more. Speaking of which - we hope many of you will make it to the spaghetti dinner at the Cross Plains American Legion a week from Saturday, Dec. 6 from 4-7 pm.  There will be GLUTEN FREE pasta available, as I know many have that need. As well as meatless marinara for my vegetarian friends. It means Jesse can enjoy the pasta as well.  He is feeling so good right now I would not doubt that he can be present the entire three hours.

As I listen to him beating eggs in the kitchen, and I picture in my mind what he was like 6 weeks ago...he has "come a mile" as Dr. Reeson said this week. Jesse is looking forward to a game of cards with his family as we head to Black Earth for Thanksgiving dinner.

We appreciate all of you and give thanks for you each and every day,


Father, Thank you for this day, for all the help my family is receiving, your providence, and the healing I'm experiencing. You are Holy and good. It is you I seek. Thank you for creating me and drawing me to you and revealing who you are. Amen!

I learned this morning already a thankful heart brings peace, this in turn relieves stress and healing can abound. What are you thankful for? Tell God. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, thoroughly enjoy the day, it's going to be great!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Jesus Calling mentioned being thankful and prayer. Often even lifting my leg to climb a stair I find I'm thanking Him for each step I'm able. I praying for continual improvement and am so grateful. Thank you Father!

The snow on the trees and shrubs, the blue sky, and the birds on the feeder...the day is off to a wonderful Start! Off to refill the feeders, Peace to you!


Monday, November 24, 2014


This evening had a moment I found pleasant. My wife singing, my son whistling and my daughter playing her ocarina. I could hear all of this while lying on the floor. This is good, I believe it reveals something...the overflow of our hearts. Thank you Father for music and peace!


Monday, November 17, 2014


My wife is amazing if you haven't figured this by now. My path would be different if not for her and all the education she has built up. We've put together a team to get us through this and Rita can breath easier, this good and right. I love you Rita!

I am so blessed in many ways and it is overwhelming me. I've never been on this side something like this and it's hard to be... sidelined? So many have blessed us with so much that I no longer have words to satisfy the appreciation inside. You are loved by me.

Being on this side, God is showing me much and it's often uncomfortable. What I'm learning and will learn I can take with me and encourage others ahead. I don't how or when but that's OK. I just need to walk close to Him and yield to The Holy Spirit. God has done so much in me. He removed my desire to get get drunk years ago, this after seeking Him through reading The Holy Bible from front to back. I will tell you of this encounter if would like to get together with me. (He wants a relationship with everyone I have found). He is living I come to know, not religion. He also got me through a lung disease and I believe will get me through my current trial. God is good!

Please don't hesitate to contact me If you would like. Nothing is more important than your relationship with our Creator, Jesus is the way provided. Peace to you this day and the days ahead!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Feelings of Being Loved On As the Benefit Draws Near

We are days away from the Benefit Auction and raffle at the Cross Plains Fire Station on Sunday, from 11 am to 4 pm.   Each time I learn of something amazing I share it with Jesse and he is moved deeply.  We did have an interview with Social Security today so the kids are set up to receive disability checks come May. I look forward to the day when we can call them and say, "you can keep your check - we don't need it because Jesse is cancer free!"

Even though today Jesse felt more weakness in his legs we remain optimistic. He did not receive his adjustment from Dr. Reeson this week, and he feels it may have made a difference.  Muscle testing was done this week as well as metabolic testing by a naturopathic practitioner, and it has been helpful in affirming what is working, what we may let go of, and what may be beneficial to add to his protocol.

Jesse also saw Dr. Weber for acupuncture this week - and Jesse told the doc that it is the highlight of his week. Tomorrow we see the oncologist, but truthfully, we don't feel he is of much help when all he can offer are treatments that have side effects that may cause cancer; and he has no answer for the muscle wasting.  The integrative clinic on S. Park Street is serving us well, and everything about the clinic feels "right" to Jesse.

Back to the fundraiser- I hope many of you can come out to support the event, or a future event. I am not sure how much Jesse will be able to attend Sunday. Besides weakness, he is not one who desires to be the center of attention.

A beautiful selection of Coach, Vera Bradley, Fossil and other purses and wristlets have been donated by my Arbonne family and friends. Even brand new friends/clients have made donations - one the men will love is the Driftless Trout Fly Fishing Day Trip for two. An ETC friend is donating a Robin Yount signed baseball...I just checked and see on line values from $159 upward. A local cheese factory also donated a $150 gift box of cheese and sausage...this is definitely NOT a ladies only event!

Area business have been very generous and we thank them: On the Go Tech (gift certificate towards a remote start for your car - with the polar vortex who doesn't want that!?), and the Shoebox  - both in Black Earth; Julie Dahmen from the Cross Plains Lanes, and Culver's also donated.  Crossroads Coffeehouse is providing coffee for the event - Mary Devitt has been so supportive of our family during this journey - she loves on us each time we visit her place.

In addition to the Purse Auction, the silent auction is brimming with custom jewelry, autographed sports memorabilia, woodworking, Driftless Trout Fly Fishing Trip, gift baskets for skincare, cheese, chocolate and wine; art, childrens books and craft kits, gift certificates of all sorts.
Get your holiday shopping done!!

You will not need to be present to win. If you need to leave sealed bids will be accepted with your maximum on an item. The auction will end at 3 pm. at which time, those not present will be called and hopefully winners can return to pick up their item(s); or make arrangements for payment and pick up.

It sounds like many of Jesse's co-workers may be coming...and organizers would like an ETC point person so that if an ETC friend wins an auction, but leaves early - they would like to send the item with someone from ETC for delivery and to arrange payment.

Come Hungry! BBQ sandwiches and refreshments will be available to purchase.

Bake Sale.  Many are baking - youth from our church, so many friends and family members, AND there will be international representation on our baked goods table - with traditional fare represented from Norway and Czechoslovakia...and I wonder what other countries might be represented...come see!

I feel so blessed to be a part of Arbonne...seeing donations come in on GoFundMe from NVPs I have never met.  For Rene Huston and Patio Pleasures taking the helm on this event, and for my long time friend Stacy Carlson working so hard, despite all that she has going on.

We are very grateful for everyone's love and support. Jesse is feeling very loved - and this I know...LOVE is the opposite of Fear....  a heart filled with love cannot succumb to cancer... it is what keeps him going, fighting a battle of which victory will have doctors stumped (aka RADICAL REMISSION!)  and God will be given the glory for His great works on Jesse's behalf.

We thank our Father for each and every one of you, we pray for others who are in the same battle (too many others we know in late stage battles), and for those who are fighting their own battles...cancer is just one of many earthly struggles. We continually ask for Power and Authority of our sovereign Lord to cast out cancer, and all darkness, to fill it with His Light. May you feel His presence each day as we do.

Peace and Joy,

Monday, November 3, 2014

Improved Odds with Alternative Cancer Treatment

I cannot believe it has been over a week since I last posted. Much has been happening...
We have been blessed by family and friends helping us out with winterizing and unfinished projects. Jesse and I visited the U.W. Integrative Medicine Atrium at 1120 S. Park St in Madison. The experience was vastly different - for the first time prescription drugs with possible tumor forming side effects were not suggested.

Because our chosen practitioner.Dr. Weber, has no openings until spring-break (guess if he is in that much demand he MUST be as good as we heard.), we were scheduled with Dr. Lawler last week Tuesday. It is amazing how God works on our behalf. I had a list of people we needed for our team - a lymph massage therapist, physical therapist, salt water pool PT for the bulged discs...  As it turns out Dr. Lawler is not an MD but a DO. Her speciality is bones, muscle and lymph! We discussed our treatment, sought an updated blood level test, etc. We spent what seemed an hour with Dr. Lawler...she encouraged Jesse to find a destressor. The knowledge of having a terminal cancer is stressing- no doubt. She encouraged him to watch the birds, draw, paint, listen to music or whatever helps him forgot about taking supplements, detoxing and fighting this disease...for 30 minutes a day.

We then had acupuncture scheduled with Dr. Weber. It was a way to see him before March. The man exuded peaceful, calm POSITIVE energy. His goal is to get Jesse's cells "firing" again. Dr. Weber took his time...we were definitely in the treatment room more than an hour. He would set the needles, place a warming lamp on Jesse, tend to another, and return...  

We rescheduled with Dr. Lawler for lymphatic massage, which Jesse had today. We also had a procedure with a local practitioner for a detox treatment that made sense to do after getting lymphatic drainage in motion. Eliminating toxins and dead cancer cells is a key factor in becoming cancer free, and reducing pain.

The plan is to continue chiropractic care with Dr. Reeson each week, and alternate between acupuncture and lymph massage, to get the body communicating throughout, and reduce inflammation of the bulged discs.

On a very good note...the PSA (prostrate number test) - has dropped nearly 100 points since Oct. 14 - a very good sign indeed. I believe the weekend elimination of toxins (which includes dead cancer cells) has a lot to do with this. The white blood cell count is also up a bit - not where it should be, but at least it is also headed in the right direction.

As a family we went down to Crossroads for a short while this past Friday morning. Being without pain, Jesse could do this...however, it is the lack of strength that keeps him from sitting upright too long. Asking for continued prayers especially for strength and weight gain.  

As of today the pain in lower body is still relatively pain free, however, a new pain is in the right shoulder.  He is very tender to the touch when I gently apply the essential oils and magnesium rich lotion.

We continue to be grateful for all of you and for those that are coming together on Jesse's healing team. God is putting the right helps in our path...thank you Lord Jesus!

To Him be the glory,
Rita S.