Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Sign from Heaven

Jesse's favorite bird. a bluebird, landed yesterday in our yard outside the kitchen window where his sister Daleah and I ware going through sympathy cards. This is an odd time of year as bluebirds usually do not gather in our yard until fall migration.

It was a sign - the bluebird of happiness - note how the color of the bluebird matches the color of the hooded sweatshirt he loved to wear. Coincidence? I think not. I suspect we will receive many signs from the heavens - since Jesse was fond of all flying creatures. If you are missing him - keep your eyes open for gifts dropped from heaven.

Jesse is reassuring us of the joy he is living in Heaven.

There is peace, joy, wholeness, and BEAUTY of God's creation surrounding him at all moments. Here on earth, Jesse used binoculars to see the details of a bird.  But imagine, in Heaven, every detail is magnified and his eyes are soaking up the intricacy and beauty beyond his imagination. 

Jesse is in his intermediate home that we call Heaven. One day we, who believe in Jesus and have asked Him into our hearts, will be together for eternity on the New Earth.  If you loved my Jesse, and want to learn more on how to have relationship with the Lord so that you can be reunited with him again for all eternity, please don't hesitate to talk to myself, or Kyle, or Abby.

The Creator of all longs to know you and wipe out any fear you may have of dying. It is a beautiful place to be know where you are going, free of gnashing teeth, and instead - Holiness and complete, divine joy.

Peace to you!

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