Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learning to Rebalance

As Jesse mentioned, eating raw foods can be quick...if we are simply grabbing an apple or eating carrots.  But there is much more to a healing protocol.  There are plenty of supplements.  We've created a list of what he needs to take morning, mid-day, night. Not to mention fitting in green tea, herbal tea with detoxifying milk thistle, Essaic healing tea, Arbonne Immunity & Anti Oxidant ..Some supplements need to be taken with fats for absorption, some before eating anything else...yep, it can be overwhelming.

The list helps...but an Excel spread sheet would be better to check it off each day of the week. Haven't had time...any volunteers?

In the morning Jesse needs to check off a few protocol items, make and drink his morning shake, make and take a salad for lunch, be sure he has enough GOOD water from home to avoid the chlorine/fluoride water in municipal systems found at work, pack walnuts for snacking...all while limping around. It's too much.  I can only imagine how much harder this would be if he were sick in addition to from chemo.

Tonight, planning ahead...hopefully tomorrow easier. I made both his breakfast shake, and one for lunch. Adding and blending in a number of the supplements so that he would not have to swallow tablet after tablet.

Morning shake goes like this:
1 c unsweetened Silk Almond milk
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla vegan protein
1/2 scoop Arbonne fiber boost
1 scoop full spectrum super greens food
1/4 avocado
  1. 3 Curcumin Advantage Mercola Wellness
  2. 1 Vit D3 by Platt Wellness
  3. 2 Vit K2-7 by NOW
  4. 1 DIM Plus by Platt Wellness
  5. 1 Est-Less by Platt Wellness
  6. 2 Arbonne Joint Support
  7. 2 Jigsaw SRT Magnesium
Splash freshly squeezed lemon to keep avocado from oxidizing (or lime)
2 drops Collodial Silver liquid to prevent bacteria growth
1/3 cup frozen organic red raspberries

Blending all well with the Ninja, pouring into a shaker cup and placing in frig for morning. By the time all the green foods are blended with takes on this rather muddy look. Thankfully the vanilla shake, which is vegan, alkaline and low glycemic - does much in making this shake taste a whole lot better than it looks.

This leaves only the Beta glucan 1,3d to take first thing, Arbonne Anti-Oxidant Immunity Boosters with LypoSpeheric Vitamin C mixed in to hide the taste of the C gel, and the Arbonne Omega 3+, as well as Digestion Plus pro/pre biotics with 11 essential enzymes. All set out so Jesse knows what is left for the morning routine.

ONLY, right?!  If we start the Budwig protocol in earnest there will be more to do. I also heated up water in the teapot and poured over an Arbonne detox tea bag to cool in a mug. I then poured into a shaker cup, and have waters with a couple of Arbonne fizz stick drinks (high in ECGC anti oxidant), set in the frig to pack for work.

Posting the breakfast super immune and alkaline restoration shake on this that Jesse can review, Kyle can help make if I am not home at night, and we can team up as a family to restore, rebalance and renew a body in need.

In His healing presence,

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