Sunday, May 31, 2015

Letting Go

“Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am God. I rule the nations. I rule the earth.” (Psalm 46:10 GW)

Last week Friday I went in to Madison to get jugs of ionic alkaline water from a friend who had invested in such a water system when she had had cancer years ago. She has been kind to offer it to us, and we were using it until a local naturopath said that since we have a well, it wasn’t necessary.

Since becoming bedridden three weeks ago, with Jesse’s left leg totally atrophying and no strength to walk any longer, Jesse has become weak. Being bedridden will catapult you into declining health faster than anything – we are designed to move. Movement is life.

When my friend heard how poorly Jesse was doing she offered the water again, and I decided it can only help. As I arrived a young house finch was frightened from the nest on top her porch light. He struggled, and could not release himself from his capturer – a piece of string entangled around his leg. I went around back so the baby bird could resettle into the nest.

Obtaining the water from my friend, I told her what I needed to release the bird. A dark pillowcase, a fine point scissors and tweezers – this was not my first experience in rescuing baby birds. I managed to free the fledgling from the rug strands the nest had been made with, placed him back in the nest and we stepped aside. He floundered a bit on the porch floor, caught his bearings and flew off to a tree across the street where his parents happily welcomed him.

I thought about that little bird and the incident. I believe everything happens for a reason.  Our friend reached out and offered water to help bring Jesse’s  pH back up (and it is coming up, thankfully, with everything we are doing), and I was meant to arrive to release the little bird, that was languishing as his breast bone was protruding.

God was giving me a message. And it is not the first time I have heard this – as my charismatic Arbonne friends have delivered a divinely inspired message several times to me, that God is telling me to “let go and let God”, as my wise friend Bernie used to tell me.  So I had a good cry, or several. Coming to terms that my husband and I may not celebrate our 26th year.

And I’ve cried while caring for Jesse, and he asks, “don’t you think I will get well?” I told him straight, that if he doesn’t eat the food Doc Mike is telling me to feed him, that he won’t be able to get well.  He is tired of smoothies, and I can understand that.  We are certainly not getting in the three a day that we are supposed to to  bring about healing. I am trying to be creative and find other means to increase his pH and oxygen levels.

I have a lot more to share as the past several days have had so much going on, but I wrote a chapter earlier and I forgot to save the Word doc…and it disappeared. Which is why I am writing and sharing that I have let my husband go and am at peace in my heart.  If  it is not God’s will to heal him then so be it. If it is God’s will to heal a man whom friends are coming to see and I can see their expectations of death, then to Him be all the glory.

Before I close on this note, however, I want to add that Doc Mike was up to do a treatment on Jesse yesterday, and as I helped Jesse get everything he needed before retiring for the night, Jesse said in a strong voice, “I am going to be out of this bed soon!”

God is at work. I sense it, I feel it…and I am “Letting Go and Letting God”.

In His peace,


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