Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Freedom - Independence from toxins Would Be Nice

Several weeks have gone by since Jesse passed. He may be gone but I am not done ...I am continuing my research. Listening to webinars.
Two friends have been diagnosed with cancer since his passing. I keep on studying and learning so that I can continue to help others.

I am still looking for answers - not that it will change my status as a widow/single parent - but it is information that could help others, and this is truly what God has called me to do.

I was surprised at how quickly Jesse's on line medical chart became inaccessible. I did not have a chance to download his last lab results. I would have liked to have had the graph combining all his PSAs - as the last one would have shown a substantial drop.  Another positive was his hemoglobin had come up above the threshhold for needing a transfusion. Had I already mentioned this? the oncologist said it could never happen...but it did. Thanks to Mike "Doc" Witort and the last few weeks off the Rx.

What I really want to read the fine print on is the Oxycontin and Oxycodeine painkiller side effects.  What issues have been reported as a side effect for lung. Any ruptured lungs perhaps?

I do wonder if Jesse and I had been given full disclosure on all the potential side effects...would we have gone the route of medical marijuana for pain control. It doesn't kill a person like prescription drugs do....but since it is not legal in Wisconsin Jesse wanted to keep things legal...despite my four books stating the healing benefit and testionies of cancer being cured by THC compoment of this God-given herbal remedy.

We are gatheringn to celebrate Independence Day. Freedom.  How about freedom from Big Pharma. Freedom from Monsanto. Freedom from chemicals in our food that make fora population in which cancer is growing and growing and growing.

We celebrate Independence, and I encourage all to seek independence from toxic chemicals - in your food, in your skin care lotions and make up, on your lawns and parks. We truly are held prisoner in a toxic country. Perhaps we need a new freedom movement.  Now that sounds a bit radical.... a bit of anger no doubt. Jesse's death was unnecessary.  We were ignorant of side effects. It's wrong.

So for those on Rx - ask for the DEEAILED print out from your pharmacist. There are always two. The short list and then the one that has all the additional things that can go wrong. Read it.

Peace to you,