Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lymphatic Issues

We had good newsyesterday, as far as we are concerned - swollen lymph glands are what we are dealing with - far better than tumors.  All tests were not in yet...but oncologist said Jesse may be slightly anemic which is an easy fix with B12.   I will need to find my compression socks from when I had back surgery -as it should help with swelling.  Because both feet are swollen, and it varies in how much swelling, it is not indicative of a blood clot. 

Jesse had a lymph massage with the DO doctor after the massage and she showed me how to pump his legs and shoulders slightly to get the lymph nodes moving.  She said it is important not to work the lymph directly in case they are filled with dead cancer we don't want to accidentally release them back into the system. The lymph nodes will empty when the body is capable of safely eliminating.

It has been a while since Jesse had been on a scale and it was a very good surprise - I had to question whether their scale was off because he is up 8 lbs or so from the highest number we had had. To me it seems that he doesn't  have as good an appetite as he did in November. The last time we had weighed at home he had actually lost lbs. from his previous high gain - so it was encouraging to see it surpassed.

Thanks so much for the continued prayers - you are all a blessing to us.
Rita S.

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