Friday, March 27, 2015

A Calm March

As March wraps up I figure this blog is overdue for an update. I feel like we are in a holding significant changes one way or the other.
The new CBD oil did nothing to raise hemoglobin levels....not that it has ever been put to trial for that. But we were hopeful it would trigger something in the body to make improvements in that regard. Granted, Jesse did not take the suggested amount, which was 4 droppers a day to equate 18 mg like the CBD paste we had been using, but he is doing his best.
We did receive an interpretation from the MD who read Jesse's thermography sign of tumor walls (which is very good...aka no tumor activity), and the large lesion in Jesse's right leg is described as scar tissue from the bulged disc issue.  This  gives us great hope...we visually see the Lord at work healing in the scans.
However, when we showed the scans to the oncologist with the letter this week...and Dr. Hobbins invitation for Jesse's doctor to call and discuss, it was quickly dismissed as unreliable information.
I wished I had thought to point out that we spent money on full body scans, in the first place, because my request for a follow up MRI was not addressed, and we wanted a new baseline before starting the new brand of CBD oil.
It was disheartening to have our efforts to try and determine progress dismissed so quickly...and the cancer doc won't give the other, very well respected MD, the time of day to even make a phone call. It affected Jesse mentally, as he was pretty down on Thursday.
No big changes in Jesse's blood numbers...he is holding his own without shortness of breath, but tired. At least he does seem to be falling asleep more readily and remains so...
This past Saturday he ventured to the woodworking store on Monona Dr. He is getting the itch to do some woodworking. He is tired of being tired and resting, and wants to do something that excites him woodworking.
The weather is warming..I think it is time to get a crew to organize Jesse's woodworking shop...which I admit, became a little clutterd when I worked on clearing out and refreshing the other part of the building, which Jesse christened our "health and wellness center".... I like that....
We continue to feel blessed each day, we trust God is working for us...and are grateful for each of you and your prayers.


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