Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meeting A Healer of Like Faith

Good evening,
Before retiring for the night I just have to share how God worked on our behalf today... We were referred to doctor in Illionois who has a bioenergetic machine that can analyze what is going on with Jesse. When we walked into the clinic first thing I noticed were bibles in the waiting room. Alleluia!!

As we finished up our appointment, with some very interesting finds, btw, and although the machine did not pick up that Jesse had unresolved emotions the doctor did say, "The analysis did not indicate an unresolved emotional need, but I have to ask, do you  have everything right with the Lord?" woot woot!!  Loved it...and was glad to share how we feel God is using this experience for the kingdom, to learn and help others, and bring people to Christ (we do have a new Sister because of our journey and Jesse sharing his testimony via this blog).

We praised God for sending us to one of His servants. I am praying that this man would consider mentoring me so I can continue to learn and help others. And I am praying that God will put people in our path that would have an interest in investing in the machine this doctor is using, in trade for services. My goodness...if people utilizied the analysis this machine provides, it could help a person realize what underlying issues they have, before they become cancer.

 Jssse tested very high in fungus, several parasites, and a form of lyme's disease (secondary) that the doctor had not had anyone test positive for before. Prostate cancer is present, but the cancer carcinoma (which I read is the spread of) is lighlty active. We are waiting for a test to come back from the Mayo that should actually tell us the state of metatastic activity.

Recently I have read that bacteria and parasites can lodge in the lower lumbar and contribute to bulged discs, and admit I was not completely surprised at the finds. We also had mold in our bathroom at one time, about 17 years ago - and seeing as Jesse had the bout with lung disease (pulmonary pneumonitis) it makes sense that he has a fungal infection. Just suppose the lung issue was not due to the parrots we were raising, but the mold in the house...

Fortunately, thanks to fall fundraisers, we do have a Wellness Pro frequency machine, so we don't need to keep revisiting the dcotor  to neutralize these issues with electro pulse therapy. I had a long list of frequencies to program in to our machine specifically neutralize the major concerns in Jesse's body.

Jesse's day began pretty rough last Wednesday. He was depressed - not linking that he had to go back to using crutches, which he had not used since November. He felt a bit nauseous on the drive down, and was very tired during the appointment. Fortunately the doc had some essential peppermint oil that I could rub on Jesse's neck to alleviate the nausea. Having treatment by a fellow believer who wanted to know if we were connecting with Christ through all of this, greatly raised Jesse's spirits. Jesse said he realized that Satan had been at work in him earlier in the morning, and that the pain he was experiencing was most likely the Dark's attempt at keeping us from being in the Light of a healer who also knows Him.

Thank you for your continued prayers dear friends!

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