Thursday, May 7, 2015

Having Peace Amidst Questions

Jesse has been wanting to post, and is wanting to do so using the laptop ETC had provided, but I haven't had a breather to walk him through the password - as it automatically logs me in.
Since learning he has Lyme's, in addition to the cancer, we have been learning more about how to eliminate the parasites and fungus. Frequency medicine is effective with Lyme's (Jesse's cousin, recovered from Lyme's, is a believer) - and we are blessed to already have the Wellness Pro to combat this newly found, but probably pre- cancer, issue.
Jesse's immune system has so many issues to tackle that his system is overwhelmed...I can relate!  Although it is all overwhelming we do have peace and know that God has this, no matter what.
A new pain began last week Thursday or Friday, when I had taken our son Kyle to Springfield for the Lincoln Funeral Train (booked out a year ago and trying to keep some normalcy in our children's lives).
Jesse describes the pain in his left leg as primarily being in the knee up to the hip, and settling into his seat. It seems to come and go and is not constant, worsening with movement.  The chiropractor feels it is sciatica. Two weeks ago we had been told the cancer pain is coming from the lymph nodes. Indeed, they have been backed up for so long now it does not surprise me.  It is hard to say what exactly is the cause for the pain right now. The oncologist put in a request for a palliative care nurse to come out and do an assessment.
The latest HCG holds steady, which means the cancer has not worsened, but we are at stagnant improvement, having had the same number for the past three tests. As I reflect on what we were doing when the numbers were going down. Returning to one fresh juice a day would be ideal. Hoping for an appetite increase, and he does have times of being hungry. Maybe not for fresh carrot/vegetable juice...but he is compliant with drinking it when I offer.
The oxycodone and oxycotin are not much help at the highest dose. The MD called about a pain patch, and after talking with the pharmacist Tuesday I did leave a message that we would like that patch.  I hope to reach Dr. Weber today as I know he was out Wednesday.
We are using some alternatives that seem to be helpful, and makes him sleepy, which is good. The body heals while sleeping.
As I research treatments for lymphatic stasis the ozone treatments again come to the forefront, which was also what the alternative oncologist had recommended for bulged discs for cancer patients. I found a machine that has a very good reputation, and very expensive as well.  The owner of the company did tell me this morning he has a refurbished one available.  I am continuing to search, praying for wisdom and discernment.
The kids seem to be doing well - Abby shares stories with her dad and I, and laughs (once she gets over a bad day at school, learning to cope with kids who say mean words).  Kyle is focused on his trench actiivty and keeps the kitchen clean, or tries to.
Spring yardwork is overwhelming, and I imagine the best we can hope for is painting the house this summer as the remodeling money is nearly depleted and residing is out of the question. We are blessed that my Arbonne business has been continuous and replaces my full time income, but that said - it doesn't cover treatments.
I believe disability checks should be starting this month. I should know that, but frankly there are not enough hours in the day to keep; up with everything.

Several requests:
Jesse would like a wren house, and sadly cannot build one. He would like one mounted by the bay window so he could watch it.

If someone has a small rototiller we have 4 raised beds that would be an easy turn so I could get my seeds in.

I would love for lady friends to come help me with the backyard - perhaps we could listen to music and sit around the firepit after.

Speaking of firepit, we may need to replace that. Keep an eye out at garage sales for me please.  Jesse enjoys the fire and it would be nice if we can get him out there this spring.

At some point we will likely need a wheelchair ramp to I need to contact the Lion's club about that.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. God is good and is constant, even when our day to day is ever changing.


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  1. I am praying for you daily. God is good and will provide. Love you, friend.