Saturday, June 6, 2015


The title for today's update comes from a phone conversation I had with Mike "Doc" Witort wwek.
We BELIEVE and TRUST that God is at work through this journey. God does not need any help in  healing people....that's for sure. His omnipotence is fully capable of whatever He decides to do.
We had a visit Thursday from a lovely couple in their 80s, members of Full Speed Impact Ministry. Gene has a pretty cool story - he was at the Agrace center for a while, having been diagnosed with prostrate cancer, metastacized  - grapefruit sized tumor sticking out of his neck. The short of Gene's story is he was prayed over, miraculously healed, and left Agrace. Before leaving Gene did go to heaven...with a choice to go right, and enter into the great peace and joy that awaited him, or go left and return to his wife. Because much was left unsettled, Gene chose to return to his wife to help her even though he very much wanted to join the divine realm. Yes, Heaven does exist. Gene now ministers to and prays with others.
We sense something big is going to happen. Of course we do not know what God has in store for us, but we do know that He had designed the body to heal and wants that for each of us. I know many have questioned the wisdom in not using the Lupron therapy offered to Jesse - and am repeating a previoous post from early on in the journey that explains the side effects, which include "may produce tumor in the bones". Everyone we know who has had Lupron treatment has had a 2nd go round, with cancer in the bones, and all but one (whose 2nd bout with cancer began shortly after Jesses') have passed. Jesse was aso not a candidate for chemo or radiation - but even if he had been - he does not feel that God would ask him to poison his body to heal it. It makes no sense to either of us, especially when one reads the bible to learn of all that God has provided for healing.
So a quick update - today marks one month from which Jesse had his first therapy session with Mike "Doc" Witort, from Chicago. I won't explain all that Mike does when he spends 3 hours plus with us, but I will share that we had lab work results this week and the numbers look good.  The PSA dropped 400 points, which has really surprised Jesse's family doctor - and the hemoglobin is also higher- even more puzzling to the MD. Alkaline phosphatase is higher than it should be - which according to Dr. Weber indicates one of two things: A - cancer has further metastacized, or B - the liver is having isues. He expressed confusion about possible spread because of the significant drop in PSA.
Of course I am questioning the doctor.... and said it could very well be the liver, correct? He agreed. I also asked - "couldn't the higher number be a side effect of the Oxycontin and Oxycodeine Jesse was taking for pain?"  He was a bit taken aack, but after a couple of "well, well", he said, "yes you are right, it could be." (I was taking Abby to her concert when he called and was desperate to take notes of the conversation - and quickly gave Abby my tablet in the car and had her put it on video so I could get the audio to playback.

So this is our numbers update.  A new HCG test was mailed out on Monday. Jesse is off the Rx narcotics and his body is detoxing nicely. I am learning a lot from Mike Witort about the symptoms of a body coming off narcotics. We have other means of helping to manage his pain - which does make him sleep a lot.  His family and other visitors have noticed his strength improving.
Putting a few new messages on our entry door (whcih is by the garage for anyone who comes to volunteer or visit - front door doesn't work). We are not accepting condolences. Jesse plans to get out of this bed, and God gave Abby a vision in her dreams Weds. night that her dad was up and getting spices out of the cupboard and working in his wood shop. From many people I have talked to - the terminally ill KNOW when they are dying - God lets them know it is time to get affairs in order.
Point of this sign - we appreciate prayers and visits - but ask that your thoughts not be mournful but lifted in celebration and gratitude for the AUTHORITY God has over sickness and evil. One new message reads:
LIVING. (emphasis on living)
Therefore, we celebrate each day in
gratitude for the healing that IS taking place.

Our doorway seems to be revolving with Agrace coming in to help, family and friends volunteering to sit with Jesse so I can leave for a couple of hours to work my business or do errands. I got pretty tired as I typed this so hope it makes sense.


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