Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gratitude for Progress in this Journey

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I see Jesse has already posted...he is "bright eyed and bushy tailed" this morning, as my father would say to the early risers growing up on the farm.

We are so thankful for the progress in Jesse's healing.  Both Dr. Lawler, our DO who does lymphatic massage, and Dr. Reeson, chiropractic noticed how much better Jesse is movement, energy, his eyes....  His body is adjusting so much easier to their work.  The areas where I apply essential oils or DMSO for pain are much fewer. He no longer "goes through the roof" with pain when I lightly touch him to do these light massages.

In fact, my husband is feeling so good right now he is in the kitchen making us broccoli quiche with gluten-free crust for Thanksgiving breakfast.

I am so thankful to the Integrative Health Institute, which I joined several months ago.  The organization continually brings the leaders in alternative oncology to educate members on what they are using for successful remissions of stage four cancer patients, without the use of chemo and radiation. This week Jesse and I had the opportunity to sit down and listen to an interview with alternative oncology MD  - Thomas Lodi, who has a clinic in the Philipines, but also Oasis of Hope Healing Center in Arizona.

Lodi stresses the importance of an alkaline diet and detoxification, but perhaps more importantly he says to, "Be conscience of your thought and changing the pattern."

He mentioned envisioning work he does with his patients, having them draw the cancer smaller and smaller each time they come to see him. Jesse really liked this idea.

We were able to submit questions prior to the webinar, and he did confirm that CBD Oil is superb for fighting cancer, inflammation and metastasis.  I admit a sense of relief in hearing him say so, since we had invested in the medicine from a company in California that I found another alternative clinic offering on their website. Because of all of you and your support, we had the means to do so.

For those who would like to learn more about medical hemp, you can visit my Purely Living blog,
If you check out the video you will see the woman cured is rebounding, which is something Jesse has also begun doing in the past two weeks. Rebounding helps his lymph nodes to drain, and in combination with the acupuncture, lymph massage and adjustments - his body is able to detox more readily. Inflammation has greatly decreased, and because of all this his body is able to use the nutrients he is consuming more easily.

Gratitudes are many on this day....
- the great team of people we are working with
- the friends from St. Martin's who came to work on house projects this week
- the group of people who rallied to get the "purr healing factor" of a cat into our home this week
- friends who have visited and helped me with housework
- the generosity of those who offered great auction/raffle items for the spaghetti dinner this coming week
- our friend who made Jesse an organic Thanksgiving turkey plate for today.

And more. Speaking of which - we hope many of you will make it to the spaghetti dinner at the Cross Plains American Legion a week from Saturday, Dec. 6 from 4-7 pm.  There will be GLUTEN FREE pasta available, as I know many have that need. As well as meatless marinara for my vegetarian friends. It means Jesse can enjoy the pasta as well.  He is feeling so good right now I would not doubt that he can be present the entire three hours.

As I listen to him beating eggs in the kitchen, and I picture in my mind what he was like 6 weeks ago...he has "come a mile" as Dr. Reeson said this week. Jesse is looking forward to a game of cards with his family as we head to Black Earth for Thanksgiving dinner.

We appreciate all of you and give thanks for you each and every day,

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