Monday, November 3, 2014

Improved Odds with Alternative Cancer Treatment

I cannot believe it has been over a week since I last posted. Much has been happening...
We have been blessed by family and friends helping us out with winterizing and unfinished projects. Jesse and I visited the U.W. Integrative Medicine Atrium at 1120 S. Park St in Madison. The experience was vastly different - for the first time prescription drugs with possible tumor forming side effects were not suggested.

Because our chosen practitioner.Dr. Weber, has no openings until spring-break (guess if he is in that much demand he MUST be as good as we heard.), we were scheduled with Dr. Lawler last week Tuesday. It is amazing how God works on our behalf. I had a list of people we needed for our team - a lymph massage therapist, physical therapist, salt water pool PT for the bulged discs...  As it turns out Dr. Lawler is not an MD but a DO. Her speciality is bones, muscle and lymph! We discussed our treatment, sought an updated blood level test, etc. We spent what seemed an hour with Dr. Lawler...she encouraged Jesse to find a destressor. The knowledge of having a terminal cancer is stressing- no doubt. She encouraged him to watch the birds, draw, paint, listen to music or whatever helps him forgot about taking supplements, detoxing and fighting this disease...for 30 minutes a day.

We then had acupuncture scheduled with Dr. Weber. It was a way to see him before March. The man exuded peaceful, calm POSITIVE energy. His goal is to get Jesse's cells "firing" again. Dr. Weber took his time...we were definitely in the treatment room more than an hour. He would set the needles, place a warming lamp on Jesse, tend to another, and return...  

We rescheduled with Dr. Lawler for lymphatic massage, which Jesse had today. We also had a procedure with a local practitioner for a detox treatment that made sense to do after getting lymphatic drainage in motion. Eliminating toxins and dead cancer cells is a key factor in becoming cancer free, and reducing pain.

The plan is to continue chiropractic care with Dr. Reeson each week, and alternate between acupuncture and lymph massage, to get the body communicating throughout, and reduce inflammation of the bulged discs.

On a very good note...the PSA (prostrate number test) - has dropped nearly 100 points since Oct. 14 - a very good sign indeed. I believe the weekend elimination of toxins (which includes dead cancer cells) has a lot to do with this. The white blood cell count is also up a bit - not where it should be, but at least it is also headed in the right direction.

As a family we went down to Crossroads for a short while this past Friday morning. Being without pain, Jesse could do this...however, it is the lack of strength that keeps him from sitting upright too long. Asking for continued prayers especially for strength and weight gain.  

As of today the pain in lower body is still relatively pain free, however, a new pain is in the right shoulder.  He is very tender to the touch when I gently apply the essential oils and magnesium rich lotion.

We continue to be grateful for all of you and for those that are coming together on Jesse's healing team. God is putting the right helps in our path...thank you Lord Jesus!

To Him be the glory,
Rita S.

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