Monday, November 17, 2014


My wife is amazing if you haven't figured this by now. My path would be different if not for her and all the education she has built up. We've put together a team to get us through this and Rita can breath easier, this good and right. I love you Rita!

I am so blessed in many ways and it is overwhelming me. I've never been on this side something like this and it's hard to be... sidelined? So many have blessed us with so much that I no longer have words to satisfy the appreciation inside. You are loved by me.

Being on this side, God is showing me much and it's often uncomfortable. What I'm learning and will learn I can take with me and encourage others ahead. I don't how or when but that's OK. I just need to walk close to Him and yield to The Holy Spirit. God has done so much in me. He removed my desire to get get drunk years ago, this after seeking Him through reading The Holy Bible from front to back. I will tell you of this encounter if would like to get together with me. (He wants a relationship with everyone I have found). He is living I come to know, not religion. He also got me through a lung disease and I believe will get me through my current trial. God is good!

Please don't hesitate to contact me If you would like. Nothing is more important than your relationship with our Creator, Jesus is the way provided. Peace to you this day and the days ahead!


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  1. It's good that you have found the positive in this Jesse. Best wishes to you!