Monday, December 1, 2014

We Had A Great Thanksgiving

Jesse felt really good on Thanksgiving day, and overall, is so much better than he was 6 weeks ago.  Pain has returned in his right hip, however, which is preventing good rest again. With the holiday over, we will return to a 100% anti-inflammatory diet - which means no dairy (not even organic whipped cream), and no gluten, or even gluten-free simple carbs.
Jesse was doing so well, and has more of a limp back today...which means back to the strict diet plan. He longs for the day when he can eat things we shouldn't. I am confident the day will come where he can enjoy an occasional sweet treat and not have after-effects of pain.
On Friday we visited a local practitioner who has a Wellness Pro unit. Developed as an FDA approved medical device as a TENS unit, it also helps with micro nutrient absorption.  Anything that can help Jesse's body assimilate nutrients and promote weight gain is a good tool in healing, in my opinion.  We will be talking to his doctor's about it and ask for a prescription. For the unit to be effective, Jesse would need to use it every other day...which would equate to a lot of winter driving and session fees.
We are learning much about the many resources available for holistic healing. This is a learning journey for certain.
Jesse is, for the first time in several years, actually excited about Christmas. He WANTS to listen to Christmas I am putting a request out there...for a techno geek.  I had won an iPod Nano...Jesse may have a little iPod from ETC as well. He was told he could download a bunch of music from our CDs to the iPod and hook it up to a boombox to listen to it. (We learned our boombox doesn't have the right jack inlet, but we may have something else around here...).  I am asking for a volunteer who could, in a short time frame as it is December, grab a bunch of our CDs (Jesse could list his favorites) and be willing to rip? the songs and download to the iPod.  Granted, this means I need to find the cables...hmmm
But if you have the know-how and are willing to do so, hopefully in a week or so he could be listening to seasonal favorites... let us know.

In gratitude,

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