Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blessings Allowing Us to Seek Non Covered Services

What an emotional weekend! On Friday Jesse had visits from co-workers from ETC, who presented him with donations that had been given on his behalf. What an amazing company - how do we nominate a business for "best place to work" in Madison?
Thank you all  for your prayers - Jesse is grateful for each of our prayer warriors.

Every eve I massage Jesse with essential oils that are known to help with cancer. We also use a lotion by Ancient Minerals with magnesium chloride added, Arbonne SeaSouce gelee to draw out lactic acid and soothe muscle, cesium chloride spray, and DMSO. (well, actually a plethora of bottles lined up). We try to work this in 2-3x a day so I can change around what we are using since the skin is such a great conductor.

Earlier in the week I added Swedish Bitters to the protocol to help boost digestion and increase appetite (seeing we were getting no where with insurance on Marinol), and the black cumin seed oil also arrived, which has been found very effective in prostrate as well as other cancers..

On Saturday I located a practitioner at Hopewell Wellness Center on Odana Road that offers a HempVap. It's a battery operated pencil that allows you to breathe in CBD oil vapor. It is a low concentration...since Marinol was not approved by insurance, I was grateful to have found this product. The hope was to take  the edge off the pain so Jesse could withstand lying flat for 40 minutes, while I sandwich him between far infra red Bio-Mats set at 156 degrees...that was my goal.  He inhaled about 10 times and we he was able to withstand a full BioMat session - which has not happened since Labor Day weekend.  Granted, he was very stiff after lying still so long, and it was tough getting him off the massage table...
It does seem the negative ion therapy, that is a part of BioMat, woke up some nerves, and also prompted elimination of toxins.  This is an answer to prayer. 

I have suspected for some time that Jesse has not been shedding the dead cancer cells fast enough. I listened to one of the oncologists that runs an alternative clinic in Mexico this weekend in the "Quest for the Cures" series...and the doctor spoke of weakness, pain and poor doing that comes with a toxic buildup.

On Sunday Jesse felt a lot less pain - AMEN to that! When I apply the oils I always ask where he is feeling the most pain...and on this eve he said he really did not have any, unless I were to push hard on his lumbar.  Let us pray it continues to go in that direction.

This upcoming week we see the chiropractor, and a new doctor at the UW Integrative Medicine department. The person we purchased the HempVap from is a Alkaline/pH Lifecoach and we may add her to our team. There is an alternative medicine practitioner in Fitchburg, whom I learned is a biochemist. Biochemists seem to have the knowledge on how to reverse the cachexia. I plan to look at the clinic site and call to see how much experience, and success, they have with advanced cancer care.
We would like prayer that Dr. Weber at the integrative dept., who practices acupuncture on Tuesdays, might have an opening for us, if not this week, then next. I figure if we cannot get an appointment until March, we will see him as an acupuncturist. 

We have been blessed with donations this week by Jesse's co-workers, friends and family that are allowing me to step aside from seeking help at U.W. - which has not proved to be very helpful. We will pay out of pocket for uninsured services, as we are certain it is the only chance for true healing.

Sarah D. - it was nice to meet you Friday and yes, your prayer is answered, Jesse may have turned a corner this weekend. Let's hope it continues ...

Blessings to you all,

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