Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Excited for Weight Gain!!

I heard a happy yell from the bedroom this morning, "WOOT WOOT!"  Jesse weighed himself and it is GOOD NEWS!
This is the first time Jesse stepped on the scale  since just before Thanksgiving and he is up SEVEN pounds - it is what we have been praying for.  His lowest weight was on 11/12 - and it was after that that we started some new protocols to the routine:
1. CBD oil tinctutre, 1 gram a day of cocentrated medical cannabadiol
2. Rebounding - several minutes a day on a mini trampoline to get the lymph system working
3. Lymph massage from Dr. Lawler at the UW Integrative Clinic
4. Acupuncture from Dr. Weber at the UW Integrative Clinic

We continue to see Dr. Reeson for chiropractic once a week. The body works together as a whole unit. The prostrate gland is just one tiny part of the entire body. Jesse's spine had to be adjusted and repositioned. His bulging three lumbar discs had to decrease in inflammation in order to allow the immune system to communicate with the prostrate gland. It all ties together...and unfortunately, many MDs do not recognize this. If there is a problem, there is a cause ...which then has an effect - aka chronic pain, disease, etc.

Jesse has admitted he needs to get back on track with a number of protocols he has slacked on...such as the juicing or Arbonne Greens Balance - to fuel oxygen to the cells; the quark from the Budwig protocol (cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture); using the BioMat daily.  I can does get tiring day after day (although I let him take weekends off).

We have an oncology appointment today. Jesse plans to let the oncologist know that he does not want his drugs - and thank him graciously for his time.  The whole idea that testosterone should be brought to zero for prostrate cancer makes no sense to us. We can only pray that mainstream medicine will start looking beyond the information the drug companies provide them with, and review outside study information. Jesse makes a lot of sense to me when he asks, "if they bring my testosterone to zero - how will my body ever put muscle back on?"  Right? A very good question...the body cannot make muscle without this primary steroid hormone. His testosterone has been low for several years, which has allowed the estradiol to take hold.  The books I have read, by Dr. John Lee, Dr. David Zava, Dr. Chrstine Rollins, and more, point towards estradiol (E2 hormone) as being the driving force for cancers of the reproductive system. As Michael Platt MD, stated so matter of fact in his book, "The Miracle of BioIdentical Hormones" - if testosterone caused prostrate cancer, why don't we have an epidemic amongst 17 year old boys?"  If you have one of those, as we do, doesn't that question make you say, "oh yeah - that makes sense".  This is not supposed to be a "health lesson" blog...that is what my Purely Living blog is for....but we feel a part of the reason we are going through this is to help others.

We are sending another sample to the Navarro Clinic in the Phillipines today...and look forward to having results back hopefully by Christmas. The HCG test measures active cancer cells in the body...and so far, each test has had the number going DOWN. All the more reason to keep on taking the healthy approach to total healing!

God has been so good to us... continually healing Jesse's body, showing us love through all of your prayers and support, and by bringing people into our lives that are on the same journey, or going through their own struggles. We can walk along side them, share our story of how He is at work in our lives...and celebrate the lives we have been given.

Rejoicing this day,

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