Thursday, December 18, 2014

Grateful, but wanting to "get back"

This is Rita, and I thought I would post a quick update.  Jesse has had a great couple of weeks with minimal pain. "A spring in his step" as the doctors describe. The spaghetti dinner went very well - many turned out to support and Jesse was there for most of it.

The past 48 hrs have had a relapse in pain.  Mostly right hip yesterday, and today the lumbar area is causing a lot of pain.  Jesse is having issues with walkingm and putting weight on his right leg...just when he felt good enough where he thought perhaps he could paint or do some of the projects...Satan is at work to take that good feeling from him it seems. I called the chiropractor and was able to get Jesse in this morning for a 2nd adjustment of the week. Dr. Reeson described shirring - T10 vertebrae twisted right, T11 twisted left - opposite directions.  Lots of adjustments, and some good PT stretches - but unfortunately it did not alleviate the pain.

A BioMat session would help, but he feels too much pain to even consider lying on it. I pray he will feel better to get a session in on Friday. We did use the TENS unit tonight and I hope that helps take the edge off so he can get some sleep.

Some one is a Magic 98 listener(s) - today we received $1000 check from their Holiday Make A Wish - apparently our family was nominated. I gave Jesse the letter and the check, and it brought him to tears. We are very grateful, however, it makes him want to "get back" more and more to work.
We pray the new year will bring about healing in his lumbar and hip so he can feel great again.

Pray request for this increase of pain to subside and even better...go away - it was so encouraging when he did not have this. we also need prayer for Jesse to rekindle his willingness to consume the alkaline foods/diet that will create a pH environment in which cancer cannot survive. I became lenient for Thanksgiving and it seems we  have not got back "on it" since. I suspect the increased inflammation can have something to do with allowing a few cookies, some other acidic foods...and not pumping his cells with healing oxygenated foods.

Blessings to you all,

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