Monday, December 22, 2014


Improvement.  The extra visit to the chiropractor seems to have helped.  Jesse was able to get on the BioMat yesterday and we have been using the TENS unit, with the pads placed directly on the lumbar - several times a day. He is making certain to use the rebounder daily, as movement is definitely helping to loosen up the back.

I am hoping we get a report back before Christmas from the Navarro Clinic on Jesse's last HCG sample - I suspect with holiday mail, the delivery time to the Phillipines may have delayed its arrival to the lab substantially.

Before Chrsitmas I hope to make more of the almond and coconut flour cookies that Jesse had made a few weeks ago with low glycemic stevia as the sweetener. It will be nice for him to have a cookie treat for Christmas without the concern that it will fuel cancer.

We also need to make a trip to Willy Street for organic produce, and more of Nancy's cottage cheese so I can continue to make the quark for the Budwig protocol - which is a food mixture developed and found especially beneficial for cancer patients with the muscle-wasting.

We ask for continued prayers - especially that Jesse will be up for travel for Christmas. His family is near, but my family's gathering is an hour one way the Saturday after Christmas.

Blessings to all of you this season - we are so grateful that love came down from the heavens in Jesus,

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