Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cancer? Second Opinions...Immediate Actions

We have had 2nd and third opinions...from a trusted male hormone expert friend in California, as well as others with holistic practitioners. It is important to get at least one other 2nd opinion, in my opinion. ;-)
When the news was delivered we were told the PET scan results showed us two options:
1. Cancer
2. bacterial infection

We wanted someone to tell us it was a bacterial infection, but as Jesse was not sick at all until the diagnostic scans (a pulled muscle and visit to the ER is how this began) - no one has given us any indication we are dealing with anything other than cancer. Typically a PET follows a biopsy to show where the cancer is located, but in our case diagnostics were performed the other way around.

In June, when we were made aware that something was amiss...and after returning from a family vacation Jesse went full force on an all alkaline diet since June 21...no sugar, no meat or animal by products of any kind. He has been eating vegetables -  juicing once a day, drinking alkaline, vegan smoothies, and has increased and added to his daily vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The greatest help we have found is in Bill Henderson's book, "Cancer Free" - and we went directly to chapter 5 for a protocol that could reverse cancer cells in as little as six weeks - depending upon the type of cancer. The protocol reduces inflammation (a commonality among all cancers), and boosts the immune system so it can fight cancer.

We've determined the cause - this was the game changer!....the tailbone adjustment opened the path to rebuilding the immune system. Cancer is a systematic disease...not a localized disease in one part of the body. We are blessed to have found such a clear cause.

Working with a hormone expert/doctor friend in California, we have implemented high dose vitamin D3 therapy, and progesterone. Both are highly successful in treating prostrate disease.

As of August 11, an oral form of vitamin C, that is supposed to be more powerful than Vitamin IV therapy arrived and Jesse has started taking this supplement as well. This therapy was mentioned in the Henderson book, and Vit. C IV Therapy has excellent results for prostrate, and breast cancer.

At some point I will find  time to share our protocol on this blog.

In these three weeks since we first had news, Jesse feels better, and has regained much strength. He does have pain, but it is undetermined if it is from a prior bulged disc/rotating hip...or from the "c" word. Our massage therapist, who worked on Jesse today, did comment that his right hip is rotated forward. Wouldn't it be great if all his pain were actually related to muscle and joints that require chiropractic services?

We hope to have a new PSA test back very soon. The first PSA was no doubt skewed by the AndroGel testosterone cream Jesse was on. We expect different numbers, yes, but we still expect cancer. The likely fact is...the tailbone cut off blood supply to the prostrate gland, no blood supply means little to no oxygen.  A cell lacking oxygen becomes cancerous. We can't change this, but we can and are moving forward.

May your cells have plenty of oxygen this day!
Rita S.

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