Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA Remains Over the Top and Telling the Children

It is Monday morning and I thought I would type a quick update before heading out for the day.
We did receive the results back from the ZRT lab and unfortunately, the PSA was still insanely high at 333, so Jesse being off the AndroGel did not change the number. (Normal PSA is 1-4 or 5)  This re-test sample was collected prior to beginning the pharmaceutical grade supplement protocol.

With this news we called the kids together to clue them in. Kyle was already aware, but our youngest was not. I explained that their dad had cancer, but fortunately we already eliminated the cause and did my "hinged hand" analogy showing how the tail bone had cut off the blood supply to the bone. Abby lent a squishy ball for the it worked perfectly. They now understand their dad's drastic diet change.

We also informed them that we do not yet know if the pain Jesse is having, which is causing much lack of sleep, is from the cancer or from sciatica.

Jesse took over from that point and said he did not want to go the chemo and radiation route, Abby quickly said, "well no! radiation doesn't sound good...not like anything you want in  your body!"  Intuitiveness? Not likely.... more the case of hearing a number of discussions in our home about toxins in the environment and what affects our bodies negatively. I may have even had the discussion with her on why I choose thermograms over mammograms to avoid the radiation.

The kids took it well. I reminded them about the visions we were given of all being in a mission field surrounded by small black children, and another vision about our family healing ministry.  Visions from God give us great hope and sustain us as we get this all figured out.

Jesse sent his doctor an email requesting the TK blood test, which will test us the amount and aggressiveness of cancer - without being invasive as a biopsy would be. We see the doctor on Wednesday, at which point I hope they will schedule an MRI (non radiation diagnostic) so we can verify what is going on with the spine, hopefully rule out lumbar tumor and check out the bones.

We are also in process of choosing a nutritionist to work with. I have a number of friends that do Functional Medicine, but I also know a MD who practices as a ND, and she did tell me she works with cancer patients.  I hope that those we do not work with will understand. It is Jesse's decision and he is wanting experienced as well.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. Including our children. And right now the biggest prayer we need is for God to alleviate Jesse's pain so he can sleep...for it is in rest that the body heals.

Trusting in Him,

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