Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rising Above a Not So Good Day

Jesse met with his MD today...and I with him. If you have not signed consent forms so that spouses can be told information on the other's behalf...don't wait, get it done!  It is important to be in a position of advocacy for the other. If you don't have a spouse/ with someone you trust so that a family member can be given information if something happens to you. HIPPA laws have really made this difficult.

So it is late...I feel a need to provide an update and will just cut to the tears for the day have been shed, probably more out of frustration I don't fear cancer...but the pharma-mindset is a major dose of downers.

We went in to the appointment hoping to get an MRI referral for the pain in Jesse's right hip and leg. His right hip bone keeps rotating forward. We would like to know if the pain is cancer related, or from a bulged disc, or from this hip that doesn't seem to stay in place. I will say he had no pain while we were there. He had had a chiropractic adjustment earlier in the morning and everything was aligned. He has actually been feeling pretty good all day until near the end of the day. Wouldn't cancer pain hurt all the time? Or does it just flare up at the end of the day after your body has been working (and getting out of alignment?).

The doctor was pretty certain the pain was from cancer, how could it not be?

The MD read off the pulmonary specialist report from the PET scans done July 16. Basically it is more of a "where isn't the cancer?" - to which we can say....lower legs, left femur.

We knew where the conversation was going to go...Jesse said he had mentally prepared for it beforehand, kudos to him. He has come such a long way since reading the Healing Code and my encouraging him to embrace the Law of Attraction..."what you think about you bring about".

Jesse said he was willing to see an oncologist if they could give him a treatment that did not include the toxins of radiation and chemotherapy. With cancer as aggressive as his...she said they will want to do chemo, and there are no guarantees.

I did share with the doctor about a few of the exciting healers that had been put in our path...told her about the tailbone issue and the reopened pathway to the prostrate and immune system. I showed her one of the three books I had along..."Cancer Free" by Bill Henderson and told her we were following the protocol outlined in chapter 5 to help the body heal while we wait to meet the doctor we want to work with.  She took notes...wouldn't it be wonderful if she read the book just to understand better those patients who don't believe western medicine is the end all to beat all?.

We had blood drawn for another PSA, and Vit. D levels, which  I requested since it had never been done. Vit. D deficiency is predominant in most cancers dealing with the reproductive it is really a hormone, not a vitamin.

The big question there a doctor practicing western medicine that would do other than chemotherapy and radiation for cancer in the bones? If you know of someone...we'd like to know.

How I wish we had an oncologist such as Dr. Charles Moertel of the Mayo Clinic in our backyard. Quoted in the book "Cancer is Not a Disease" by Andreas Moritz, Mortel says, "Our most effective regimens are fraught with risks and side effects and practical problems, and after this price is paid by all the patients we have treated, only a small fraction are rewarded with a transient period of usually incomplete tumor reggression."

Meanwhile, we are going to keep pumping oxygen in the cells and restore alkalinity - cancer can't withstand either.  Bone cells are living cells - we believe the chaotic ones can be turned from the "dark side" to see the light again. We will be taking the urine sample for the HCG test and get that sent off to the Navarro Medical Clinic next week to establish a baseline marker of the amount of cancer, and track the progress every two months to determine if the treatment being used - western or eastern, is working. 

I needed to go to my Law of Attraction group meeting is "what the doctor" ordered. Envision the body healthy. I departed from my LOA group wanting  to print out a healthy skeletal image - good strong, cancer free bones, and start plastering our house with visions of health and positive thoughts. Not sure when I will have time to do this, however, so if you want to mail us positive energy with your favorite healing scripture, quote or prayer it would help us redecorate for the healing journey.

Trusting in His grace and mercy,

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