Saturday, August 30, 2014

Starting the Budwig Protocol

We still have much to learn about it, but today we added in the Budwig protocol...aka cottage cheese/flax seed oil diet. Although apparently one only needs to consume the mixture once a it is more of a homemade supplement than diet plan.

There is a lot to learn...for example, taking Vitamin C therapy while taking the Budwig mixture cancels one another out. Also, one cannot use another high alkaline plan such as Ceesium Chloride with the Budwig.

What I do know is this protocol should help add weight back on. This past week Jesse did say he has gained two pounds...and perhaps it is because I have been making as many shakes for him as I can, adding in avocado.
The basic recipe for the Budwig protocol actually tasted pretty good.

6 T. organic low fat cottage cheese (Nancy's brand, or in the area, direct from Hershberger Farm)
3 T. Barleen's flaxseed oil
2 T flaxseeds, freshly ground
1 t. raw honey - we use Bucks, locally available at Crossroads Coffeehouse or Enchanted Valley Eggs - both of Cross Plains, WI

Use immersion blender to completely emulsify cottage cheese and flaxseed oil  ingredients until all oil is absorbed. Mixture looks like creamed cheese.

In a clean coffee grinder, grind flax seeds until very fine. This must be done fresh every time.

Lightly fold flax and honey into creamed cottage cheese mixture. It reminded me of cheesecake when I tasted it.

We served with fresh organic blueberries. Jesse thought it tasted pretty good, but did say he really appreciates the berries with it.  Our understanding is we only have to do this once a day, which is certainly much easier than juicing every hour. I will have to experiment and see what else we may do with the mixture.

Trusting in His Healing Promise,

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