Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cancer? Now what? We are not in a panic...

If you happen upon this blog, you may be searching as one who has been affected by cancer. No matter where you are on the path to wellness, it is our prayer that you will find hope and encouragement on your journey.

You may be a family member or friend, simply checking in to see how we are doing  Our choices may seem foreign to you. We don't expect you to understand or embrace a holistic approach to wellness, but we do ask for your support and prayer.

Who we are ...husband and wife, Rita and Jesse.  Rita is the writer, and the one who will most likely provide reports, share what we learn with others. We are facing what is likely prostrate cancer, which has already metasticized to bone.  It is not the prostrate cancer that scared us, but the possible cancer in the bone. Jesse has released the fear, and given it to God who is big enough to handle such things, to allow healing to enter in.

Jesse is a CAD draftsman, spiritual leader of our household, and is a 1 on 1 Care minister at our church. Rita is an independent Arbonne consultant and offers pure and safe holistic wellness products to families who are concerned about what they put on and in their bodies.  She has been a holistic health advocate since 2010, has studied, and has presented wellness workshops, includnig  cancer prevention numerous times. It is with great thanks that we feel prepared for such a time as this - as many are in a fog when they receive such news. We have two children, who are great joys in our lives. We have built our home on a solid foundation of believing that Christ died on the cross to save each of us, and strive to serve others as Christ showed us.

 It is our hope Jesse will share more about how he is feeling, and use this blog as a way to journal his path towards wellness. And WELLNESS is what we DO EXPECT. We have envisioned it. We trust it will come. We are focusing on positive, rather than the negative thoughts that fuel sickness.

Technically, we don't know.  What we do know is that the MDs are extremely concerned, have given doomsday reports (this is the delivery style we experienced), and are definitely glass half empty types of people.  If we did not have a strong faith to hold us up we would have probably crumbled by now, and rushed into further damaging diagnostics or surgery as urged. This is not to say that we have not shed tears...we most definitely have.

Confirmed diagnosis? No, a biopsy has not been performed.  Biopsies are not the most safe method of determining cancer. You have the right to not feel the same as we do on this. According to the John Wayne Cancer Institute, there is a 50% chance that as the needle is extracted, if cancer is on  that needle it can spread to other areas. We realize our friends don't understand why we have not rushed to get a biopsy - this is one reason, AnD there are other options. But who tells you about that?

We have learned about other, non-invasive methods to determine cancer, and track one's progress in fighting it as well.  This is what we are opting for in lieu of a biopsy. You can read more about this and more accurate testing available for prostrate cancer at Cancer Tutor , which has been the greatest help in our 3 week journey thus far.
-  HCG test is what we are opting for - its inexpensive as an out of pocket expense
- Red Drop test - it will be interesting to see if insurance will cover this

For now...we are approaching each day as though Jesse has cancer. Reviewing past exam notes, it is highly likely that this cancer, or whatever it is, has been brewing since 2012. Cancer never happens overnight... I have pieced together bits of the puzzle that paint a pretty realistic scenario of how this has come about. What we do know is that something is wrong, and no matter what it is  - we want it gone and the body healed.

You can interpret this as you wish....on July 18 we did receive this summary from a pulmonary specialist (which is interesting in of itself as to why we were sent to see him and all that followed)....
Summary: The PET scans shows that you have several lymph nodes in your chest and abdomen that are using a high amount of sugar. Also, there are several bones (back bones, hip bones, leg bone-femur) that are using a high amount of sugar. These areas are concerning of cancer. There are possible other explanations such as infection for high sugar usage.
The first step is to check PSA to test for prostrate cancer.
If the PSA is abnormally high then you should meet with urologist who may perform a prostrate biopsy.
If PSA is normal  next step would be biopsy of lymph node or bone….

The PSA did reveal an extremely HIGH high that it seems few have never heard such a high number. That in itself is an indicator that it may not be accurate. We do know that Jesse was a on a male hormone (and more of his case history will be shared so that others will become aware, and perhaps we can help prevent this same health risk for others), and I have learned that this male hormone can attribute to a very high PSA.  At this time we are waiting for a 2nd PSA to come back, which I requested, to be done by a lab that I have come to trust for my Arbonne clients - ZRT labs.

I also requested a full male comprehensive profile, as Jesse's estrogen levels have never been checked. Two  years ago, in my mind, my gut instinct was that Jesse's estradiol levels needed to be checked in proportion to progesterone. I will go into this in more detail in another post - it is VERY important information for men to is unlikely your MDs will be knowledgeable of this, unless they have studied this on their own outside the clinical setting.

God has put many angels along our path since this journey that has been a major game changer that has put us on the path towards healing. We have no doubt that the heavens have opened up the path towards healing in more ways than one.

Trusting in His healing power,

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