Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Past Due update

We have had computer issues...laptop is not working. Jesse struggles on stairs and cannot make it to the downstairs office to post. And I have been engrossed in wrapping my brain around the new addition of cesium chloride to the protocol, as well as recommendations by Walter Last, "Overcoming Cancer".

We did talk with the oncologist, Dr. Hie, this past Friday eve. The MRI indicates diffused cancer in the spine. Which means it is spread out, and Dr. Hie said does not provide a targeted area for radiation. He would  like us to consider Luprin - Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I am not sure if he has looked at the list of supplements Jesse is already taking. I have read previously on Luprin and what it is intended to do...and it seems the DIM and EstLess from Platt Wellness is already addressing the hormonal issues of the prostrate gland; along with the high dosage of bio-identical progesterone cream.

Also in the forefront of our mind are those we know personally - who have used Luprin therapy.  The cancer always seems to come back in the bones. Now, since Jesse's cancer is already there...I am not sure where this would leave us. Perhaps we need to ask, "why does Luprin cause cancer to resurface in bones?".
When I asked for a 5 year success rate on Luprin, and if it had been tracked, Dr. Hie said that the data did not offer a 5 year success rate. When I asked why, he did say (appreciate the honesty) that it comes back as another form of cancer. That being said...a release of the "elephant in the room" so to speak...neither of us can see the logic in using a treatment that has very short term success.

It is October 1st. Treatment options aside...these past few weeks seem to be more difficult for me emotionally than for Jesse. As I picked up a freezer in Lyndon Station last Friday - I realized the interstate exit led me to the park Jesse and I discovered last October for our annual anniversary date day.

This year we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary on the 14th...unless God performs the miracle we are praying for by that date, I don't see the two of us discovering any new park, holding hands while kicking up leaves, bird watching..we are not likely going to have the weekend away celebration hoped for. Fall is our very favorite time of year...and each day is a precious gift...we continue to pray that we learn from this journey so it is not without purpose, and continue to trust in the Father for deliverance from this disease.

Blessed by the kindness of our Sisters and Brothers in Christ, we thank all of you.


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  1. A personal comment...I did converse with Dr. Platt on the supplements Jesse is taking to address the male hormone aspect of prostrate cancer...and the supplements being used are already intended to address what Luprin HRT would do. Platt had another suggestion as well of a therapy a compounding pharmacy can make, and we will talk to Dr. Hie about it.