Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Silvery Anniversary - Celebrated in Oncology

I would have never imagined we would be spending our 25th wedding anniversary meeting with the oncologist. But that is where we spent our morning. I will say our meeting was an answer to prayer. Dr. Hie is SO different from any of the other doctors we have met and talked to on this journey. He is the only one that has not had the doom and gloom attitude.
He was positive, upbeat, did not argue or act condescending of our choice to approach this disease holistically. He understands we want more than 5 years... and he admitted that the treatment he has available for Jesse's type of cancer would not get us to five years.
Dr. Hie and I did have that usual conversation I tend to have with MDs re: hormones...where they feel testosterone causes prostate cancer, and I share that is is the estradiol and imbalance that happens when testosterone drops. I named doctors whom I have learned this from, and Hie's reply is that none follow conventional medicine. Which may be true, but I said they are healing 1000s of people. Because conventional medicine sees testosterone as the "cause" for prostrate cancer, I learned that insurance will not cover the request for an estradiol test for Jesse. Seeing as we would have to pay out of  pocket, I had him take the test off the lab list as I knew it would cost probably $1000s to have that test run at the U.W. whereas I could have it done on our own at a lab for a couple of $100.
Every time I have this conversation with a doctor I always kick myself later, because I always forget to ask the question, "if testosterone is the cause of prostrate cancer, why then is there not an epidemic among 17 year old boys?"  Does this make you wonder, as a reader?  It makes no sense the way conventional medicine sees this.
Megace and Luprin were discussed as hormone therapies. If you read the link to describe Megace, a synthetic progesterone (ie. progestin) - it is clear that its purpose is to counter estradiol - the cancer causing estrogen.
I admit, I forgot my paper with written questions at home...and I forgot to ask if either drug KILLS cancer STEM cells. If they do not, then the cancer grows back - usually more aggressively. To my knowledge (listening to another cancer summit recording, discussing this topic) - there is not conventional method that eliminates stem cells.

The main focus of conversation at our appointment today was discussing pain management options, and how to increase Jesse's appetite.  It is hard to follow the Budwig diet protocol when he is not able to eat the required amount of quark (CC/FSO) and flaxseed mixture. The Budwig protocol is the diet choice for patients experiencing cachexia (muscle wasting).  We were given two prescriptions that hopefully will stimulate appetite as well as manage pain.
I was listening to a integrative oncologist last night, talking about the benefits of three 50 minute BioMat far infrared heat (thermo) treatments each day to reduce tumors, and I realized how important it is for us to do this daily.  Right now Jesse is in too much pain to lie flat for 50 minutes. I don't care how loopy  he gets..we need to manage the pain so he can lie on the BioMat and be sandwiched between the two for proper treatment.

On this special day celebrating 25 years of marriage, my request is for prayer that we get to celebrate a 50th one day, and that pain is lessened and appetite is increased,

Thank you for your prayers,

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