Thursday, October 9, 2014

When We Are Weak Christ is Our Stronghold

Wanting to give a short update as my sister and her husband are here continuing work on insulating the bay windows. If you live down Brodhead, WI way...Dale Earleywine does EXCELLENT work and we highly recommend him. He is making sure we get as much R value as we can so we don't lose a ton of heat this winter.

Jesse feels that things are changing...pain seems to have lessened. It also seems to shift...sometimes in lower right leg and knee, for days, but then yesterday, it was back in his hip and thigh again.

The greatest prayer need right now is for strength. Pain has lessened, but Jesse feels very weak. There is comfort in knowing that our strength need not be our own, and that our Savior holds us up. Each morning devotion with Jesus is Calling speaks to our hearts, and pretty much has us both in tears...that's a good thing...we need that release.

 Last night Jesse was awake ALL night...not in pain...but he said he just felt wide awake. I think at 3 a.m. I finally heard him snoring...indication of deeper sleep. How odd that I find myself grateful to hear snoring, but he needs sleep. I just move to the living room couch... I think we better get more blankets in that room!

The Young Living essential oils arrived yesterday, although a friend had loaned me Frankincense until ours arrived, as it has been known to heal cancer, including that set into the bone. Studies on the use of Boswellia Sacra oil for cancer can be found at BioMed.  Boswellia serrata, discussed in this article, is a component of the Arbonne joint formula, and once I learned the benefits in regards to cancer of this ingredient, I doubled Jesse's daily supplement allowance. Studies are in infancy, but promising. I had published additional links and information on my Purely Living blog a couple of weeks ago.

I've been using Wintergreen followed by Peppermint to lessen the pain. I basically alternate massages with essential oils, cessium chloride spray, DMSO, and the Arbonne muscle massage gel, and the SeaSource Renewing Body Gelee - the latter of which helps draw lactic acid out of the muscles, which I had read the lactic acid contributes to the problem of cachexia.  Honestly, he should probably be getting a massage every two hours to get the greatest benefit, but I do what I can.

We just keep plugging along, praying, waiting and asking, "How long Lord must we wait?" Each day is tough when you want to see more pronounced improvements...

Time to go mix up the trio drinks of liquid potassium and cesium chloride for the morning round... I feel like a bartender mixing drinks a.m. and p.m., or more likely, a chemist in a lab...what a routine we have come to know, and I feel for every family who goes through this and all the extra tasks it puts on their plate.

A toast to my husband's health! We pray over each drink, food, and massage ...asking for it to heal.


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