Friday, October 24, 2014

Bittersweet Memories

Our daughter Abby turns 12 on the 24th. I know the best present she could have had was for her dad to be well again.
Looking at this scrapbook layout I did probably 6 years ago - I see a healthy husband.
For my "law of attraction" friends who wanted a photo of Jesse healthy - here you go. Envision him well and with that more rounded face.
As we head into the last week of October it has been a rough one. Usually this is our most favorite month of the year - with celebrations of our kid's birthdays and our anniversary.
The kid's birthdays came and went with very little fuss. Fortunately, one of Abby's sweet friends threw her a party yesterday.
Next year we will have cause for great celebration when the Lord heals his broken, earthly son and makes him whole again. Meanwhile, we rejoice knowing that His love never fails...He is with Jesse through the pain endured at night, and we celebrate each morning he awakes to fight yet another day in this battle called cancer.


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