Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lupron and Low Testosterone

Just wanted to share this article that came in my email from the local International Pharmacy - which always provides good information on hormone balance.
In this article it talks about dangers of low testosterone - which again, makes me question the wisdom of using Lupron or other testosterone lowering drugs.  Are we working towards a remission of a prostrate cancer only to increase risk of stroke or heart attack later on?
I also am aware that the brain needs testosterone for memory function, amongst other things. I was reading the many possible side effects today of Lupron, and in my mind I ask, "really? why would we want to risk going there? ".  The print out from the pharmacist says it can even promote tumor activity - that may be a small risk, but again, why go there? If a person already has tumors, why promote further growth.
In Jesse's case, cachexia (muscle wasting) stems from an aggressive tumor.

Questioning the sensibility, or lack thereof, Lupron treatment...


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