Friday, October 3, 2014

Overwhelmed with Gratitude This Day

Cancer is draining, not only physically, mentally, but also financially. It has been incredible how fast we are burning through our savings. We also learned that Jesse does not have disability.  I can only imagine the stress this has caused him - which does not help one heal from cancer.

My own business is also realizing an impact. I am spending so much time trying to figure out a protocol that can help deter the pain and help heal the bones, that I have had very little time to focus on new business. I am very grateful for the residual income that I receive from clients who re-order on line, and was amazed last month at my month end numbers despite so little activity on my part. Still, my paycheck is about half of what it could be if I were "out there" presenting the benefits of the products.

As I viewed our savings account, and did a quick calculation - it is scary. I am trusting in the Lord to provide in our time of need, and He has just blown us away by generosity of others.

We received a card yesterday with a personal check near equivalent to one of Jesse's paychecks. Thank you Lord for the amazing generosity of this couple. We had not heard from them, but were assured they have been praying.

Jesse used up his vacation this week to take time off to heal, and he was planning to take off next week with pay. He called his boss to request time off with pay...and learned that his co-workers at Electronic Theatre Controls donated FOUR WEEKS of paid time off to help Jesse fight this battle.  I cannot even type this without tears...we were both crying at this news. For those from ETC reading this - may you and your families be blessed tenfold for your generosity!

This morning in our devotion God asked us to CRY OUT TO HIM...and we did. We sob through many of our devotions as of late...crying releases some hormone that is good for we just let the tears flow and eventually we can finish reading the passages before us.

I wanted to share our gratitude right away, before I head out doors for a work project with the neighbor coming over to help. A friend with stage 4 breast cancer is coming over early afternoon to use the BioMat for therapy, and share what she learned at the Budwig Center for cancer treatment in Spain. Later, I am teaching a class and helping a wonderful woman launch her Arbonne business... which means I will be exhausted when I get home.

Tomorrow my sisters and their families are coming to help us with yard work, insulating the bay windows, and a long list of things that we are simply behind in.

With much gratitude for all of you, words cannot express our appreciation.

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