Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bulging Discs...As in PLURAL!

A revelation today from the chiropractor in town, Reeson Chiropractic, that we switched Jesse over to last week. Dr. Reeson and I went over the MRI scans this afternoon. Looking beyond the cancer...I wanted to track down any present tumors, so I could target them with essential oils and BioMat infrared heat - both scientifically proven to reduce and/or eradicate tumor activity.
The scans are from 9-22 in which we were told there was nothing pressing on anything important (not exactly those words)...

THREE bulged discs L3-L5, and also a bulged disc in the neck, C6. 
Having been there 15 years ago with bulged/ruptured L5/S1, and remembering how debilitating it was - I cannot imagine the PAIN Jesse is going through with FOUR bulging discs. It is no wonder his legs have basically atrophied...and it is no wonder the pain meds are not touching it...

On a more positive note...we didn't see any tumor (his MD had said lower lumbar may have a tumor in July). Dr. Reeson did not find the PET scan images all that helpful, and it was unclear to him as to whether tumors were present in the scans from July. 

A veteran of chronic back pain and multiple disc surgeries, I have little doubt that all of the excruciating pain Jesse is experiencing is from bulged discs pressing on the main communication center/nerves. Because L3-L5 directly communicate to the prostrate, it is going to make cancer eradication all that much more tough as we still have a compromised nervous/immune system.

We will continue the anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, essential oils and FDA approved BioMat medical device to continue reducing active cancer cell activity, and now - hoping it will alleviate bulging discs with targeted chiropractic care. Dr. Reeson said acupuncture would be helpful as well to release endorphins, but we learned today that our insurance excludes acupuncture treatment. Even an oncologist referral would not matter.

For those just checking in, in case you missed it...we did receive word on Friday that the newest HCG test indicates that active cancer cells (aka LIVE cells, vs dead cancer cells - a PSA accounts for both) are down, from 52.6 on September 1 to 52.2 as of October 15.

Our specific prayer requests:
1. Cancellation for Dr. Weber's office, Jesse's new PCP at the UW integrative medicine clinic.
2. Pray for an appeal to insurance to approve Marinol, not only for increased appetite but pain relief. The multiple Oxy---- drugs are really not touching it.
3. A means to pay for acupuncture from Dr. Weber out of pocket - the newly chose practitioner provides this on Tuesdays. Although we could go to another acupuncturist for less, it makes sense to have fewer hands involved and it would allow Jesse's regular doctor to become more familiar with his body and how it is functioning (or lack there of).
4. Many prayers needed for weight gain...for the Spirit to remove cachexia tendencies from Jesse's body.
5. SLEEP to heal.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

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