Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Waiting on MRI, Ceesium Chloride is On the Way

Lot's has been going on and neither of us have had time to post...sorry.

1. Jesse's pain has gotten worse these past few weeks.
We started bath soaks with sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride flakes and Arbonne sea mineral seems to help some. I also started applying DMSO to Jesse's  leg and hip followed by SeaSource Renewing Body Gelee... which is short term relief, although tonight he felt today may have been a turning point so let's pray it continues.

2. MRI was done Monday...odd we have not heard anything yet as they said results are usually available within hours. Perhaps the oncologist who ordered is out of the office....
Initially the MRI was to be on the hip and leg area, which is where all the pain stems from and what we wanted. But they ordered for several places in the body, no doubt to check on status of bone lesions. Three hours lying flat while in pain...well, that pretty much did my man in for the rest of Monday, and Tuesday was an awful day.

3. Contacted UW Patient Relations/Advocacy...which was not really any help. They do not research on your behalf to help find the doctor you are looking had been suggested. We simply want to find a naturopath or integrative MD that works with oncology patients in UW Health...they gave us numbers for clinics to call.  Apparently a ND no longer/doesn't seem to exist. The integrative med MD we found on the UW helath internet search is not taking new patients, so unless Dr. Hie refers it probably won't happen. Which is disappointing...we really wanted to work with an MD who takes an integrative approach, could guide us on nutritional supplements and needs, and order blood work to monitor levels, as potassium will need to be checked regularly for the CC protocol.

4. Finally made that needed connection to the ceesium chloride (CC) alternative treatment expert. I wasn't going to order ceesium until we had some answers from the MRI, but I couldn't wait any longer...we need to get the pain managed and the Rx does pretty much nothing. Sleep is so important!  I need to focus on learning this new protocol and figure out how it fits into what we are already doing, and adjust where needed.

5. Found a small freezer tonight on Craigs list and plan to pick up Friday - praise the Lord!. This will give us a little more room in the chest freezer...which can then allow me to reach out and ask for some help with having some meals delivered from friends...Kyle needs gluten free, and minimal dairy. Jesse can have meat if it is organic, but also needs to be gluten and dairy free. So we are not the average family to simply bring meals to...but would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for continued prayers and support,

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