Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Cancer Protocol Supplements

Today I was reading some archived issues of the Bill Henderson "Curing Cancer Gently" newsletters...and learned about a Vietnamese herb called Crinum Latifolium for prostrate health. Henderson tried it himself, after using other forms of Crinium herb...but found the product developed by a Vietnamese researcher to excel compared with any other herb he has tried for prostrate health.

The symptoms addressed by the brand name, Crila,  are symptoms Jesse has experienced for the past several years, and continues to. I can't help but wonder if we had known about this herb several years ago if we would be in a different place today. (well wait, it is easy to forget how unique our situation was with the tailbone amount of clean eating, supplementing, alkalizing would have reversed disease in a gland to which no blood supply was flowing).

Still, looking at the cost of the supplement - sticker shock! It is not in our budget right now. I thought the $65/bottle foe the Beta glucan 3,1d was pricey, but it was recommended as the number one immunity boosting product on the market, so we put up.  People who tell me Arbonne is expensive would perhaps realize quickly that prevention costs less than actually having a disease. At least Arbonne customers get to shop at a discount.  I am thankful for the supplements we can get through Arbonne and use as a part of our protocol. 

In searching for cancer fighting supplements - purity is of utmost importance. Potency is of course key, or it is a waste of money. These are costly, and we don't receive a discount - many of the "best" are not available at for a better deal. Thus is the case with Crila - at $100 a bottle...I am going to hold off for now and see if the steps we are taking do the work and fully restore health. Or perhaps a Naturopath could prescribe and we could get it that way...or at least write it off on taxes at the end of the year... something to help us out in that respect.

Jesse has quite a supplement protocol. As you can see from the picture can be overwhelming. I love the supplements that come in a powdered form in a vegi we can open up the capsule and dump it into his Arbonne vegan protein shake with the green foods for cell oxygenation. The powder forms of supplements allow us to simply  use a shaker cup to blend his noisy blender in the early morning.

Not shown, because it hasn't arrived yet, is the Barlean's organic, cold pressed flax seed oil that we are going to start using  - one case should last approximately a month. As well, the purest organic coconut oil we can find. Both of these good fats are going to be added to his smoothies as we need to put the fat back on his bones. Coconut oil will have to be blended with the Ninja, but I have added Barlean's previously to his shaker cup mix and blended with success. Barlean's is kind enough to sell their products to cancer patients at wholesale...but you must call. If you know someone with cancer who has lost weight and needs these oils (if they have lost weight they DO!) call and set up an account with Barlean's at 800-445-3529.  You can also get the organic flax seed from Barlean's, which is a part of the Budwig diet protocol - recommended for those who have lost weight.

Once the Barlean's arrives I will be making our 3rd edit to the original cancer treatment seems I am finding more beneficial supplements and as I learn, the protocol is edited. If you would like to learn what we are doing just send me an email. I am working on the newer version this week.

I also forgot to include our teas...which are also an important part of the protocol. We have Essaic tea, a blend of herbs that have successfully helped to rid of cancer, and the Arbonne detox tea - with powerful liver supporters of milk thistle and dandelion, and formulated to help boost our internal glutathione factory. I have not found another detox tea that includes all of the beneficial ingredients that the Arbonne tea does, and as a non tea drinker - it tastes good (unlike the Essaic acquired taste).

I know this alternative approach is still costing less than conventional - we would be going over the maximum allowed pretty quickly with chemo and radiation, I believe.  And the long term result will be health 10, 20, 30 years from now...versus a  5 year success rate of .5% offered by conventional prostrate cancer treatment, per the report from the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney  Cancer Centre, Royal 
North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW

Tip for today...take pure supplements with a high absorbency rate for prevention...unless you have a spinal deformity or other body/spinal should do you a world of good and go a long ways into staying healthy.

Be well, 

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