Saturday, September 13, 2014

Got to sit out back again today. Didn't want to so much for I'm in some pain again. It was cool yet beautiful and I finished "Those who trust the Lord shall not be disappointed" It's a good book. My pain affects my outlook sometimes but it is truth that is crucial. At 6:00 on Daystar (ch.38 on the airwaves) is a movie we're going to watch as a family..."Another Perfect Stranger". Hope you have a wonderful evening. Peace.


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  1. May the same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave, the same Spirit that brought dead bones together and to life in the OT work mightily in your body, brother! May your body be fitly joined together each doing it's part to hold it's proper place. May the hand of God be moved in a healing touch and cause you spine, muscles and tendons to line up with THE TRUTH - that by HIS STRIPES YOU ARE HEALED! Even rocks will cry out to praise Him, then certainly bodies can and will line out so that you can do the work He has for you! <3 Grace and Peace to every area of your life <3