Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Less Pain...Thanks for those prayers!

I just wanted to report that within the past 48 hours Jesse has improved much in regards to the pain he has been feeling. He is walking more upright, and it is easy to see a marked improvement.

We visited Dr. B, the chiropractor in Oregon again. Thankfully NO major adjustments this time...all is pretty much holding fact, the doc was impressed with how well Jesse is holding together. A little adjustment mid-back to right of spine, and down by the sacrum (remember, that was a huge re-haul last time - which contributed to the pain once that set in).

The lumbar looks very good and remains where it should  Dr. B just cannot see any indication of a lumbar tumor, as indicated by Jesse's MD.  If it was, we suspect it is no more. Or, all along, was it a bulged disc, and the anti-inflammatory diet took care of it?

As soon as the BioMats arrive we will sandwich Jesse within again, and we will have him feeling great in no time.

We also ordered a case of Barlean's pure, cold pressed flaxseed oil, and pure coconut oil, and flax seed. It should arrive Monday, at which time we will go full force with pumping these good fats into Jesse's system so we can put weight back on his frame.

Friday morning we see the oncologist. We will hear the "speech", and then show the results of the HCG test and see what he has to say about that. I also plan to track down the study that was done with Vit D therapy and men with prostrate cancer.

What I would like out of this appointment is a referral to an ND so we can have insurance pay for working with someone to monitor nutrient levels and make suggestions for weight gain.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We are blessed as they are answered....but truth is, we would be blessed even if they were not. We know and trust everything is in God's time, and often through trials such as these...we learn a lesson of patience.



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  2. That is great news! It must have felt really good when your chiropractor said that Jesse did not need to be adjusted. That means everything that had been done was working well. It also means that you had taken very good care of him. Hopefully he can fully recover soon after. Take care!

    Victor Barnes @ Advanced Alternative Medicine Center