Monday, September 8, 2014

Vitamin D As A Part of Cancer Recovery and Prevention

This week I have been listening to The Cure to Cancer Summit. Anyone can register for free, and all talks are available for 48 hours after they have been live. If you are interested in improving your own health, helping a loved one with their battle for cancer, or if you have a health and wellness business (nutrition, medical, oncology, etc) - I highly encourage you to take advantage of the 2nd annual summit.
Carole Baggerly, of the Vitamin D Society, is one of the guest speakers and her talk is "Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention". I took a lot of notes and you can find them on my Purely Living blog, but as this is Jesse's healing blog, I will keep this short and post that relative to prostrate cancer.
Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. It is critical for cells to function. People work day jobs that are primarily indoors, children play on computers and watch television more than they play outside....our lifestyles create vitamin D deficiency. If everyone had Vitamin D levels of 40-60 it would help take care of many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, and several cancers. An oncologist who spoke at the summit last week, who practices in California, said that well over 90% of his patients are deficient in Vitamin D.
Prostate cancer research, headed by Dr. Bruce Hollis at the Medical University of South Carolina, men with stage 1 prostrate cancer were given 4,000 units/day for a one year period. After that time 55% had fewer lesions than when they started, and allowed them to bypass conventional treatment of radiation and chemo. This also holds true for African American men, which have a greater percentage of prostrate cancer diagnosis.
For men diagnosed with lethal prostrate cancer, a 57% reduction of cancer occurred when men got their Vitamin D levels up past 37.  (We see the oncologist Friday, and from speaking with the other two doctors, his MD and the pulmonary specialist - I suspect Jesse's diagnosis will be considered this as they use the word "aggressive".
The link to the Vitamin D Society has been added to the right side bar - and even though we did not use the society directly for Jesse's healing protocol - a high dose of Vitamin D was begun shortly after the confirmed diagnosis on July 18. I have no doubt in my mind that it was a huge player in Jesse's lower bracket HCG test for active cancer cells.
If you are going through cancer, please visit Purely Living for the in-depth note taking on Braggerly's talk and visit the Vitamin D Society's web page.  If you are organizing fund raisers to "CURE CANCER" do the world a huge favor, and support organizations such as this...which are researching and educating on PREVENTING cancer. I think we can all agree, the best cure for any disease - is PREVENTION.
May you get your sunshine today, without sunscreen,
Rita S.

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