Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Turning 52, First Day of School, Intro to Bio Mat

Yesterday was a big day for our daughter as she began 6th grade - middle school. I am so glad Jesse has been feeling more mobile. He was even able to walk to the bus stop with us....slowly, but we got there. On his 52nd birthday - it was a  gift to be able to see her off to school.
If it were not for the pain in his hip and leg Jesse said he would actually be feeling very good.  We return to see our "angel" chiropractor today, the one who discovered Jesse's tailbone curving under the spine and pinching off the prostrate. The massage therapists are noticing a hard, bone-like protrusion on his right side, but below the hip bone. It is  not on the left side.
We need to determine what this is and perhaps Dr. B can give us some insight that we can then speak to the oncologist about. I still feel like an MRI is a smart tool to use in Jesse's one affected area.
After the weekend of having the Richway Amethyst Bio Mat on loan, it was hard to let it go. It made such a difference. We put in an order last night for the professional mat and the mini, as it is recommended to "sandwich" cancer patients between the two. Bio Mats have been reported to shrink tumors and even make them chiropractor, Joe Teff, had told me this when I have expressed interest in a BioMat. He researches everything thoroughly, and I trust his opinions.
If you are interested in testing it out, as my cousin did this weekend - with noticeable improvement with the cyst on her leg, let's talk. I am considering letting friends and family try the bio mat for a donation to Jesse's cancer treatment fund.
Jesse's workstation at ETC has been converted to a standing station - this will be a great help to him. Nothing is worse than sitting when one has issues relating to the lower lumbar, speaking as one with a history of low back surgeries.
I am also hoping we can get the oncologist appointment rescheduled today. It was supposed to be last Wednesday when Jesse awoke in so much pain he could barely move. He opted for the chiropractor and relief over an oncologist.
We are grateful for the turn around. The Lord is good and at work...the Master Carpenter reconstructing those bones inside and making my husband strong again.

May you feel His healing Presence wherever it is needed in your life,

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