Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fuel on the Fire

I am learning SO much today about an amazingly inexpensive protocol that has healed late stage and aggressive cancers...sodium bicarbonate, ie. baking soda.  More on this later, but I want to share an affirmation of what my gut instinct has told me since June...

An excerpt from Walter Last's e-book "Overcoming Cancer" ...
"Because radiotherapy and chemotherapy impose a high toxic load
on the body and impair the immune system even more than surgery,
they tend to increase the malignancy of any metastases that may
already be present, or promote the formation of new tumours. Any
perceived benefit, such as shrinking of tumours, is usually only
temporary, with much faster growth occurring later on."

After Jesse's CT scan in June he has commented more than once that since that night, he has felt a shift inside his body...and it was negative energy, not a positive shift.  Seeing as how the man was healthy prior to this ER visit (other than some low back pain off and on for a year), for what they deemed a pulled muscle, but for precautionary reasons wanted to do a CT scan...he has since gone "downhill" since that visit in regards to all that has taken place since.

My gut instinct, seeing the changes in him since June, has told me that the radiation from the CT and PET scans - although deemed necessary to inform us of the situation we are in today - fueled the particular cancer cells in Jesse's body.  The result of the CT scan in June showed two small areas of "sclerotic lesions" on the spine. A month later, in mid-July, the PET scan tells us there is a whole lot more, from neck to pelvis.

Is it possible that a CT picks up only two and misses all the rest? Or, might it be that the radiation poured gasoline on the existing cancer cells and caused them to spread like wildfire? With what I heard in the Cure to Cancer Summit podcasts today, I am trusting my gut instinct.

If only there was a way to tell if one's body is going to have a severe adverse reaction to radiation diagnostics..someone ought to work on that for the next Nobel prize.


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