Friday, September 5, 2014

HCG Results, Chiropractic and Acupuncture

On Wednesday of this week we went to the chiropractor in Oregon again...the one who found the curved tailbone, straightened it - allowing healing to begin.

This visit was slow and deliberate - checking over each part of Jesse's body. I won't list all the adjustments made - I wrote notes of which the page filled and I was squeezing into the margins. Achilles on left twisted, fixed foot to straighten...L4 and L5 lumbar out of place....and the biggie - the sacrum bone was tilted forward, and needed to be repositioned.  This was stubborn to adjust with the chiropractic furniture and required a manual adjustment similar to the tailbone.

I honestly don't know how Jesse handled it - I watched that take place. For the chiropractor - it was difficult  - it took all of his strength. Jesse told me after he could not have withstood much more pain.  Prayers requested that this 2nd, major adjustment to the spine and skelatol system stays in place and that the bones and muscles adjust and heal.

This adjustment has put Jesse back to experiencing greater pain.   This was no ordinary adjustment, but a major shift in how the body is structured...almost like an outpatient surgery, if you consider what really took place.

I set up an appointment for him today with an acupuncturist in Madison that I know through a businesswomen's group that I belong to. She also inferred that the two major adjustments Jesse has had would be enough to cause anyone pain. The session went for over  an hour - but the body has limits. She wasn't going to push it any further, and Jesse can decide if he wants to visit again.

Fortunately the Lafuma zero gravity chair arrived is the most comfortable chair he has experienced. The heat from the mini Bio Mat, while sitting, helped...but he is in pain. I doubt the OxyCoden will provide much benefit this evening. Prayers are needed for sleep and pain relief.

I had signed up for the Cure for Cancer Summit  - which anyone can listen to online. I won't be able to catch all of the talks...but tonight listened to Leigh Erin Connealy, MD/Oncologist of the Center for New Medicine in California. Connealy listed testing that can catch cancer ten years before it shows in a medical imaging scan or thermography. She also mentioned tests she uses on her patients, of which there are quite a few, including the HCG.

We did receive the HCG test results back for Jesse from the Navarro Medical Clinic. The news was good, in my opinion, as the number was much lower than expected, 52.6.  The sample was taken on August 24 and mailed on the 25th - very quick results. Comments were that the elevated and positive number are likely a result of "remnants/microscopic remains of  prostrate cancer into the bones". Numbers can be as high as 10,000 for certain types of cancer. I have a few questions to send the doctor who provided the results, but it certainly seems we are going in the right direction with restoring cells to being healthy team players, and as well, perhaps knocking some off with the BioMat and infra-red sauna heat, and detoxing .

Jesse began his anti-inflammatory, alkaline based eating protocol on June 21st. Gradually, we added in more supplements as information gathering began and we talked with doctors and those who have gone through alternative and radical remission themselves.

I need to jump on board with this anti-inflammatory eating lifestyle - as in day to day diligence...and will start the Arbonne 30 day program on the 15th of this month. Several classes are coming up - but Dr. Connealy was very clear in her Summit talk that inflammation is a precursor to all cancer and disease. Per Connealy, everyone should have a C-Reactive Protein test to measure inflammation as it provides a very early warning that something is amiss.

May your C- Reactive Protein test measure no  more than one,

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  1. Hello, Rita! Accompanying Jesse throughout his journey and treatments tells me you are very strong and dedicated. The manual adjustments he went through are serious alterations, the pain was just totally different and in some cases, unbearable. But it is very heartwarming that you and Jesse are prepared to go through this with a positive attitude. Thanks for sharing!

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic