Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cancer is a Family Affair

We are trying to make Jesse's life easier...he often comes home from work and makes himself fresh juice. Ideally, a cancer patient drinks juice within an hour of making it for the greatest benefit from the enzymes.

Yesterday I stopped at Willy Street Co-Op in the morning for organics...and juiced 8 lbs of carrots, bunch of celery, red Russian kale, radishes....then I grabbed cucumber from friends, and from our garden, cabbage, beets, lemon balm, bay leaves and cilantro...whew!  All that work and I ended up with only 10 pint jars and 2 jelly jars. I thought it would be more, but I was out of jars anyhow. Abby helped for a bit...clean up was a bit of a chore.

I cannot help but wonder how much more advantageous juicing is as compared to using a full spectrum, ultra pure green super food.  Any nutritionists have thoughts on this? I know the super green foods pump cells with oxygen and anti oxidants. How is that different than the benefits of juicing? Comments would be welcome.

Next time, however I decide to spend hours juicing, I am having a JUICING PARTY! Pretty much every speaker at the Cure To Cancer summit talks about importance of nutrition and juicing is a part. It really is not an option if you want optimal healing. (Do they know about super green foods and has anyone done research to compare the cell oxygen levels in people?)  Per a nutritionist who works with oncology patients, drinking juice fresh is best, but I was thrilled when one speaker said that if you can't make juice every day, spend one day juicing LOTS and putting in the freezer, taking out one by one. I decided that is simply what we needed to do.

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