Thursday, September 4, 2014

Visions from the Heavens

So many are praying for us and we cannot even begin to express how much it means to have ardent prayer warriors lamenting on our behalf. Today I want to share how the Spirit comes into play in the healing process...we firmly believe that without the Holy Spirit and God at work on our behalf through this journey ...we would be in a darker place.

Soon after all of this began, at the end of July I was meeting a new Arbonne business builder, W,  at Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery on Monona Drive in Madison (awesome place, by the way - my favorite spot in that direction for breakfast and lunch).  It became closing time on a Saturday afternoon.  A group of Filipino women had come in to clean as a gift for the owner, Kaz, for her generosity in donating bakery for their church fellowship. As well, a woman was present who was part of the west side Healing Room. I will call her TH. We had learned about the eastside Healing Room from a friend, and did not know about the westside location.

I introduced myself to TH, explained that our mutual friend, W, had joined my Arbonne team so that he could provide his son with lessons, college, and be the best single dad he could be. She immediately said we needed to pray over this new business venture and pray success for our friend.

As I returned to my table and began to pack up some documents, i felt moved to ask for prayer for my husband. I shared that my husband had been diagnosed with cancer. Soon every body in the place had gathered in a circle. The Filipino women were a part of a miracle network. They go around and pray for people, and miraculous things happen as the intercessory prayers are lifted and the Holy Spirit comes to earth to dwell.

TH led the prayer for healing to come upon Jesse. During this prayer one of the women received the vision of unknotting and ligaments becoming unraveled. I felt the Holy Spirit coursing through veins...but not my own, but Jesse's. I could see it.  

TH also prayed over my ears...that I would hear only God's direction and find wisdom, discern that which is from Him and advice that is not of His will. That day, driving home on the beltline, I kept hearing over and over again in my head, "He is healed! He is healed!".  This brought me great joy and I was so thankful to hear from the Spirit, of which I have zero doubt from Whom the voice came.  This was not my first close encounter- interestingly enough, both times that I have heard God audibly speak to me I was behind the wheel...the first time was at the time of an impending impact of a Mack truck to my car.

Lastly, for today's post.. we have an amazing prayer warrior out of state. She is steadfast in her prayer and I have no doubt, praying without ceasing as much as possible with three young boys underfoot.  I am going to close with a powerful vision she was gifted with...I hope you can visualize it as I do...

"... You've got more than a legion of angels guarding you're property...surrounding you beating back the enemy." 

What more can I say? God has this. Cancer is not a death sentence. It is merely a wake up call that one needs to make some changes ...BIG changes.  Reconnect with the living Word of God. Connect the dots between the mind, feelings, cells. And Reconnect with nutrition that is pure, good and full of life to heal the body.

Humbled by the angels around us,

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